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3 Effective Ways on How to Calm Down a Crying Child Without Yelling or Bribing

3 Effective Ways on How to Calm Down a Crying Child Without Yelling or Bribing

It is quite stressful and sad when you’re a child is encountering something. Maybe because he wants something and you don’t let him get it. Often, children do their tantrums for their good reasons. Take note, it is not for you. It is physically for their good. Note that when your child is frequent and severe crying, emotions are filled and dazzled upon every hour of your time. Bargaining things he or she might want but still not even calming at all.

These usually occur to kids who are being spoiled by parents (we’re not telling anyone that you are all spoiling your kid. However, some of you might find it guilty) Onto the other side, kids cry because they want something to happen. Have you told them you’re going to Disneyland but eventually landed into a dentist? Oh boy, that’s not even a good thing to say to your kid. There are actual reasons why there is a hysterical child. You might ask how to calm down a crying child without yelling or bribing or even how to deal with a child that cries over everything. No matter what that may be, we probably think we’ve got something for you try it out to your kid. 

Ways on how to calm down your child.

1. Attend to their needs and Give them Attention

As we all know, children love attention. It is their one way of saying “Mom, please?” they are born to be independent as a child and couldn’t accomplish anything without your help. Attending to their needs and giving them enough attention could make them calm down without you even exerting too much force by yelling or bribing upon them. Same as how to calm a 3-year-old kid. 

You may notice that as your child grows, he or she becomes hard-headed. One reason could be possible because you are spoiling him or her too much or you are not drawing your attention to the child. It is somewhat also related to how to stop yelling in a relationship. Why not? When you are in a relationship back then with your husband, you treat your partner as a kid which always does something wrong. And for him to correct his mistakes, you visually and physically let him see that you are mad and yelling. Same as in a kid’s nature. Yelling would not do good with your relationship with your daughter and son and would only trigger a toddler screaming tantrums.

 However, if you control things and took over you will not read some stuff about bribe vs reward, notes on child arguing back, therapeutic interventions for temper tantrums, or how to calm down a hyper child. After all, this might be a way for your healthy parenting.

2. Give them warm hugs and kisses

Well, this works out well. We’ve seen it on playgrounds, malls, parks and everywhere. Just as severe tantrums of a 3-year-old are surrounding the hallways, giving them warm hugs, kisses, sweetest quotes, and sayings can lighten up their mood, heart and blood rate which results in calming them down. Sometimes, the best way to discipline them is just to give them a mother’s or father’s love.

(Well, actually when you saw your dad looking straight right in your eye, you will eventually stop) Anyway, this can keep them calm down and realize what they did was wrong. Remember that your child is still a baby, so they partly understand that whenever they cry you will calm them down. Knowing how to calm down a crying child without yelling or bribing is a tricky thing for parents to do. You’re not even a magician to give everything they need and want. That’s why cuddle is the only medicine. 

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On the other side, if it still does not persist and is throwing tantrums at you. That could be at a different level. If you planned to ignore the tantrums of your child, you better be an expert on that and make sure that the rules applied. When your child knew where your soft spot is, they will turn it around over you. Resulting in a negative impression and that thing will always happen for sure. You may be asking questions like “my child doesn’t put effort into anything” or “my child won’t say please”. Frankly speaking, you got a long way to go and need assistance from your husband. Do note that things like this usually end worse if not being corrected as soon as possible. Who knows? These warm hugs and kisses might treat them well and comfortably sleep in their nice and cute toddler beds!

3. Draw some humorous stuff!

Now, you might want to call your husband to this kind of stuff or things to your child. Men are known to have long patients with irritable materials and even people. They have probably low temper with you or sometimes with your child but he could pull this thing off. Take note of a child arguing back, the least you can do is reverse the situation. Note that kids have not yet fully developed their senses so probably and intellectually when you confuse them with humor their attention will be drawn to you and forget what they are crying about.

Easy peasy! But believe us it will be all worthwhile if your husband will do this kind of thing. In all fairness, men are natural-born comedians. They have a dominant personality and yet they have this funny trait too. You need not be serious most of the time, Learn the value of staying calm too so that your kid will copy your behavior too. (Make sure to let them see the happy stuff only). This one is way too good strategies for temper tantrums.

Summing up

No matter what kind of struggle you may be in, it is not easy to calm down a crying child without yelling or bribing. As a parent, you need to get into your senses first and understand where they are coming from. You do know that you must discipline and correct your child’s behavior. 

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