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Time-Out: Mistakes & Solutions

Time of the dead was popular in reality shows such as” supercritical,” but this technique was first adopted in the 1960s.

Arthur Staats was the first to share the concept as a powerful tool for his children’s work.

Parents with a child ruler to beat the use of the Director, switch the whip.

Today it’s shocking when videos of kids rowing in school are circulating on the Internet because it’s inappropriate and unacceptable.

Parents and teachers take a nonviolent approach.

However, as a result of decades of research, children who are beaten daily not only suffer from psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, drug addiction, but also become aggressive when they grow up.

Action and reaction:

In General, the child hates punishment.

That’s why we need to communicate with them and show them how fair it is. Before you punish a child, you need to talk positively with him about his motives.

She must accept the expectation and be sure of it. This will teach your child to know that there will always be consequences of his behavior.

As a result, they are aware of the fact that every action reacts.

But keep in mind that it is not always time to think about the punishment and how to send it to your child.

Common mistakes about time-out:


It has become clear that it is necessary to repeat to death. If it’s a habit, it’s easy to do the wrong things for your child.

So your son will take it as something you use instead of punishment. Repetition teaches the child that he or she is cheating.

Don’t send the people there waiting for when they deserve it.

Sometimes forgive her and sometimes punish her.

Here you need to remember that your child should take this seriously.

Making it personal:

We must always remember that the main thing is why he punishes his son, not his way.

Before you send a child for a while, it is important to tell him about the mistakes he made.

Tell her about her bad behavior.

I won’t do it, so be active! And so on and so forth.

Otherwise, she will consider it in person. As a result, the time spent is wasted. She will learn nothing from punishment

Talking to your kid during the time-out:

Waiting is already a gentle way for your child to understand his or her deception.

That’s how it shows you that you don’t get my attention. That’s why you shouldn’t pay attention.

Make them think about what you’ve done, causing them to notice that she has achieved a lack of attention by mistake.

If you pay attention, time out is not an effective way to educate your child.

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Reward your kid for her\his mistake:

It’s a bit paradoxical, and when it works, it can be difficult.

Not in the literal sense, a fruitful son is wrong. Rather, it means that he is tolerant and proves to him that the waiting time is extreme.

First, it makes your child more sensitive, but you have to tell him not to do it again.

When then statements:

Unless he takes his shoes off, ” she said to her son and promised that if she took his shoes off, she would have more time.

Always remember to show the first award.

The new time-out approaches:

There have been many changes in the old school’s method of waiting.

People have changed a lot, depending on the situation and the degree of tolerance.

Before you take a break, consider the following:

First warning:

studies have shown that punishment helps your child warn you before understanding his/her misconduct.

This reduces the need for a 74 percent wait time.


psychiatrists say that the waiting time does not matter.

For example, if your child is sent to the penalty chair for 3 minutes, it will be the same as for 1 hour.

No need for boredom: keep your kids away from the TV and any interesting tools that might distract you from your expectations.

Don’t pay attention to what your son says. She says, “You’re the worst mom” or ” I don’t deserve it.”You have to pretend you didn’t hear anything.

My child didn’t want to go to time-out:

1 – Make a choice between switching to privilege such as standby time or iPad time or TV time.

2- Reduce the waiting time. For example, do only 2 minutes instead of 3.

There is always a good approach to ensure that your child behaves well. The timeout is one of them.

If you have other ways, it would be nice to hear them from you.

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