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Tips for Breaking Thumb Sucking Problem in Children

Thumb sucking is a very common habit found in almost all the little children. It is harmless for the babies, not until a certain age.  Often the kids do this whenever they are tired or bored and it feels a kind of entertainment for them and eventually it becomes a strong habit. Most of the kids usually stop sucking at the age of 2 or4 years. However, often parents complain that their child has reached the pre-school age and still sucks the thumb. It can really be problematic as potential harm to the baby’s socialization. The other kids often make fun and don’t like to play and sit with the one who sucks the thumb.

Tips for breaking thumb sucking problem in children

Tips for Breaking Thumb Sucking Problem in Children

As long as the permanent teeth have not come, thumb sucking is not really a major concern. But once, the teeth come, this sucking can affect the arrangement of teeth and the roof of the mouth. Particularly, if the baby sucks vigorously, it can be problematic for baby teeth.

If you are also worried about this habit of your baby and want her to get rid of it, we have got your back.

The first thing that you need to understand is that it will take time. Nothing can change instantly. Be consistent in your efforts, keep on trying and you will get the required results.

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Talk to the baby

It is a common understanding that kids understand and respond better to the things for which you give them a solid reason.  Talk to them. When you will tell them why you are asking them to stop sucking, there are chances that they understand and respond positively. Thumb sucking problem in children, be kind and discuss them with affection.

Don’t be rude to them and never be harsh. It can make them more stubborn and they may not leave it at all.  Keep asking them to stop and keep reminding them of the negative consequences of love and care and you may succeed.

Limit the thumb-sucking

Limit the Thumb-sucking

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot make her leave this habit all at once. What you can do is set a limit for the child. For instance, you can ask your 3 years old baby to limit this sucking to the bedtime. Tell her that it is okay to suck during the night but don’t do this all day. Limiting this habit will make it easier for the baby to quit it eventually.


Just like elders, the babies also find it hard to quit any habit unless they are provided a suitable alternative. For instance, you can get them a fidget that they can squeeze when they want. It can be really helpful in minimizing the sucking habit.


Often kids are unaware of what they are doing and they mindlessly keep on sucking the thumb. Especially when the babies are tired or bored, they begin sucking fingers or thumb unconsciously. You can point it out to them every time they put their thumb in the mouth. This repeated reminder will assist them to be more self-aware.

Taste Aversion

Last but not the least you can also coat the baby’s thumb with distasteful products. This would be effective as they won’t like the taste and avoiding sucking the thumb again. Many mothers have used vinegar and found it an effective solution.

Keep trying these things and ultimately, your child will leave this habit.

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