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Trendy Apps for Babies

Technology in today’s generation has been the driving force of parents to make their lives simple and easy. The topic of apps for babies is one to deal with. There are tons and tons of baby apps that are useful for babies and their development. And in today’s generation, the vast majority of parents have used phones and gadgets to make their kids occupied, to allow them to do their daily work, chores or any errands.

So, if you are a parent who has a newborn, chances are you are spending lots of time being busy with your phone, doing social media stuff, watching trending videos. After all, parents need to do things after tiring late-night feedings and can somewhat be overwhelming to new parents.

Smartphones and tablets, as well as the iPhone,  are among the technological advancements that can give positively in to making education and learning fun for your baby. There are educational apps that promote hand-eye coordination during the early stages of infancy. The ability of babies to react with what they are watching in a tablet may help it develop. In this article, we’ve compiled the best apps for babies!

Apps for babies

If you are a kind of a techy parent, you like to discover more about babies on the internet. Check on these apps for babies you can download over the internet and learn about its features. 

1. Laugh & LearnTM Where’s Puppy’s Nose? for Baby By Fisher-Price, Inc.

Babies will surely feel immersed and amazed with this Laugh & LearnTM Where’s Puppy’s Nose? for Baby that has an animated environment for babies. This toy features little taps and screen tilts that will teach your babies all the body parts and with two fun characters and music! With puppy and kitty animations that will teach your babies about all the body parts of a human have. This product is designed for babies This product has features that are versatile enough to help your kids increase their potential and helps them development fast. One of the best apps for 6-9 months! Great entertainment and fun for young children, so they will stick with this one for a while to learn or perhaps practice things they already know.

2. Laugh & LearnTM Animal Sounds for Baby By Fisher-Price, Inc.

Babies and toddlers are invigorated to be educated about animal names and the noises animals make through interrelating with engaging simulations and sound effects! Baby can tap or tilt the screen to set a learning world in motion! There are also two levels of play to grow with baby. These are designed apps for babies 3-6 months free of charge. The Laugh & LearnTM Animal Sounds for Baby will surely keep your baby occupied for longer amounts of time and be educated while you are doing your chores or reports. Babies will surely get a kick out of this. First of all, it is Fisher-Price a brand that parents trust. They know what kids like. It’s a welcoming distraction in times of need! The graphics are adorable and you will use it over and over. Mine thinks it funny.

3. ABC DRAW! Alphabet Learning Educational App for Kids! Learn Letters, How to Paint! Kindergarten Drawing Games FREE! Letter Tracing Toddlers Coloring Game! Girls, Boys, Baby Preschool 2 3 4 5-Year-Olds by Bini Bambini

Get your child an ABC DRAW! Alphabet Learning Educational App for Kids! Learn Letters, How to Paint! Kindergarten Drawing Games FREE! Letter Tracing Toddlers Coloring Game! Girls, Boys, Baby Preschool 2 3 4 5-Year-Olds which is a wonderful product that will surely awaken your child’s interest for alphabets and letters! It is an app that will teach your baby/kid the important and valuable lessons in a very entertaining way! This product will also help your kid develop their motor skills and the ability to draw little figures at an early age. The uncommon mixture of drawing, learning the alphabet and teaching the basics of writing make this app truly unique! A product that is perfect for babies and up to 5-year-olds, parents will surely find it hard to resist installing these baby learning apps.

4. Kids Learning Games, Nursery Rhymes, Children Stories, Songs, ABC For Preschool Toddlers – KidloLand By IDZ Digital Private Limited

One of the best free apps for babies, This Kids Learning Games, Nursery Rhymes, Children Stories, Songs, ABC For Preschool Toddlers – KidloLand hundreds of nursery rhymes, baby songs and stories for kids perfect for all ages. This product has all the things babies need to aid in their development. Delight your kids and babies with colorful child interactive nursery rhymes like Old Macdonald, twinkle little star that will surely bring back childhood memories when you were young. This product is also special because it lets your kids interact with animations and characters on screen as they play along during day time and help them occupied and entertained. Some Mom bloggers also state that It helps them sing along the rhymes with their kids helping them to easily know the songs and have some bonding time during their vacant periods.

5. Learning colors – easy toddler game for kids’ education with animals, plants and weather events By GoKids!

With the aid of this game, your babies and kids will easily examine and differentiate colors in the rainbow and everything in general. Learning colors – easy toddler game for kids education with animals, plants and weather events is a simple product but an exciting educational apps games for your baby. It will help them be introduced to various colors in our world, to make learning fun and very interesting for them. Best apps for babies under 12 months will easily learn the names of the colors, learn to connect them with various objects, fruits, and animals.

Final thoughts

You can’t deny the fact that although in today’s generation, technology advancements are one of the most misunderstood things today. It gets it bad rep for kids who just want to have their gadgets and not engage in outdoor activities. Apps for Babies are one of the many positives our technology gives us, it makes our lives easier. It also helps our kids develop at an earlier stage compared to past generations. It is also good for toddlers and kids but always uses gadgets moderately and let them have free time to explore outside of your home.

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