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Unique Thai Baby Names for Your Child

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Unique Thai Baby Names for Your Child

If you are expecting a bundle of joy soon, you might want to consider Thai baby names for your precious one.

Thailand is a country known for its spicy cuisines, sandy beaches, and tropical islands. It boasts a heritage which is a fusion of generosity, hospitality, and spirituality. This is true when it comes to their names. If you take a close look at Thai baby names, they either reflect the region, nobility, or religion that the child belongs to. It is important to note that Thai parents also provide informal names to their children which they continue to use until the formal registration of the given name.

A close at Thai names 

When it comes to the surname, the residents of Thailand follow the Western European pattern in which the given name is followed by the family name. If you will take a close look, there is a distinct diversity when it comes to Thai family names since they are required to be unique to the family. Take note that the noble descendants take the name of their ancestors for the surname.

It is also important to note that several Thai people change their names frequently. The reason for this is superstition as well as separation or divorce. The last names are changed less often since they require the permission of the head of the family to do so.

Generally, the Thai last names are often lengthy. It is common to refer to an individual by their first names that are preceded by “khun” which is a non-specific title that is equal to “Mister” or “Miss”.

Aside from the formal given names, almost all people in Thailand have a nickname. Take note that these nicknames are given when a child is at a young age. Oftentimes, they are based on appearance which can be unflattering nicknames. The nickname is considered personal in Thailand and can only be used when invited to do so by the person.

Recommended Thai baby names

Whether you have Thai ancestors or happen to prefer the flavorful quality of Thai cuisine, if you are eager to use one of the Thai baby names, there are several that are worth considering along with their meanings.

Girl names

If you are in search of a Thai word for a beautiful girl or something precious such as a gem, let us now take a close look at some of the recommended Thai baby names for girls.

  • Aom – to encircle or to embrace
  • Nan – elegant, poise, grace, balanced
  • Ploy – precious gem or stone
  • Achara – an angel who is very pretty or beautiful
  • Lawan – beautiful
  • Madee – a good beginning
  • Nin – sapphire
  • Areeya – upper class, an aristocrat
  • Chandra – a moon
  • Darin – a gift, the best one
  • Ramida – a happy person
  • Thanya – be lucky
  • Yada – a philosopher

Boy names

For those who are expecting a baby boy, let us take a close look at some of the Thai boy names and meanings.

  • Tanawat – knowledge
  • Aat – someone who is daring
  • Anurak – male angel in Thai mythology
  • Asnee – lightning
  • Boon-Nam – one born with a good fortune
  • Chai – a lively person who is filled with joy
  • Kamnan – the head of the village
  • Niran – the one who is everlasting and never-ending
  • Paitoon – a beautiful gemstone found in Thailand
  • Pravat – a historic person
  • Chakrii – king
  • Kiet – honorable
  • Jin – a person who’s already well-behaved
  • Veera – brave

Unisex names

There are also Thai baby names that can be used for a baby girl or boy.

  • Gan – the bold one
  • Daw – bright and beautiful stars
  • Apinya – magical power
  • Dang – red
  • Naowarat – nine gems
  • Rune – happy

Final thoughts

With these Thai baby names, it can provide your bundle of joy a unique name that you will surely cherish. Depending on the name that you will choose, it has a true meaning that makes it truly worthwhile.

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