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4 Best Places to Get Babies Ear Pierced

4 Best Places to Get Babies Ear Pierced

Babies are cute and are adorable. They will make you happy and make you amazed and surprised you with some unexpected things that they could make. Most especially when they say their first word. You’re right on the spot waiting and wanting to know what kind of word is she or he gonna say. Will it be ‘mama’ or “dada”? Will it be “papa” or “nana”? You don’t know but eventually, you just have to wait and trust your baby’s timing. 

 Another thing that parents are excited about their baby, is getting their baby’s ear pierced. Sure thing, you have no clue if it is okay piercing baby ears at 3 months or what is the appropriate age for ear piercing.  Most of all, If you think your baby is ready enough to hit some shining and shimmering pair of best earrings, what is the best place to get babies ears pierced? Now you don’t have to worry about that! We have some suggestions about where you can get your baby’s ear pierced. These might not be the best place to get babies ear pierced but it may also be the one matched for you! 

4 Best Places to Get Babies Ear Pierced

Tattoo and Piercing shop

A tattoo and piercing shop or a tattoo parlor could fix your problem up. And no, you’re not getting to get a tattoo. (Most probably you have things to consider before getting a tattoo though). Anyway, You might get scared and think “is piercing a baby’s ear abused?” It’s not, there are services at the tattoo shop called infant’s ear-piercing tattoo shop. Of course, take note that ear-piercing applies only to your baby girls. Most people recommended having your baby’s ear pierced at a tattoo piercing shop. It may not have gunshot ear piercing for babies but the people in the tattoo shop are professionals and they do specified techniques for your baby not to get hurt. This is one of the best baby piercing places as everyone suggests it to malls. 


If you’re looking for a place to get a baby ear pierced. Maybe you’ll find enough Claire’s on your feed. There is infant ear piercing at Claire’s and it is one of their highlight services. You can check their site online to know more about their services. They even have some discounts off for ear piercing. They have some products too just right for your baby and they have professionally trained people to do such things. Its tattoo shop notes the best place to get babies ears pierced. Then you may try it at Claire’s. 


Soon enough you might stop and ask “Do pediatricians pierce ears?” The answer to that would be No. Not all pediatrician has services for your babies ear piercing. If you’re not quite comfortable with having baby ear piercing at Walmart then we suggest you to just ask first her Pedia about that matter. It might be a place where to get an ear pierced safely since your pedia may know how your baby moves at all. Kids and their Safety should always be ensured.

Home Piercing

In-home piercing is quite applicable too for those parents having a hard time to choose where to get their baby pierced. However, we do not suggest to proceed with this kind of matter as there are risks and dangers of piercings unless you are a professional. Tools and kit that has been using through this procedure are safely sterilized for proper usage. Still, some people do this at home. But if you can, go to some of these best-suggested places to get babies ear pierced. 

In summary

You are always after your child’s safety and care, you want what’s best for them and so wanted to look for the best place to get babies ear pierced. Take note of all the details and necessary matters just for your kid so you’ll probably when can babies get their ears pierced already.

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