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Birth Control Pill: Does it Boost Fertility?

A study was done and it has shown that women who have cut oral contraceptives after 5 years are able to get pregnant as easy as the nonusers.

If you have stopped your birth control pill intake hoping that you conceive; then don’t be shocked if a positive on a home pregnancy test shows up.

A study was done in 2002 in Brunel University in the UK displayed that women who have been taking oral contraceptives for about 5 years have the ability to get pregnant so easy just like any non-users.

Furthermore, researchers have revealed that the longer women took the pill; then the bigger is their chance of conceiving in 6 months to a year after they stopped taking it.

Potential parents can be comforted now; as long as these discoveries cancel the old research that suggests that the pill delays the conception if women did not stop swallowing it.

It has been a long-lasting myth that women on the pill have a huge gap of time to return to the level they had of getting the pregnant probability.

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We know for a fact that if you don’t take 1 pill you might actually get pregnant. Thus, after taking the last pill (Birth Control Pill); your levels of hormones drop right away, which allows any woman to get back on track to their normal fertility levels immediately; with no residual effects on any future fertility. states Dr. Plourd.

These factors showcase the various benefits of taking oral contraceptives; for instance, it provides protection from the pelvic infections; it decreases the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer; it also lowers the rates of anemia.

Once you have felt as if it is the proper time to have a baby and you decide to stop taking the Pill; consider starting to take prenatal vitamins for about a month at least way before jumping into the process of getting pregnant.

It is, however, a fitting opportunity to decrease your risk of fetal birth issues. states Dr. Plourd.

Therefore, couples who have opted to conceive for over a year without any success are advised to see their doctor for a professional evaluation.

They will have to check if they are struggling from any hidden reasons like a low sperm counts, tubal damage; or even an already existing infertility.

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