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What are the symptoms of twins in early pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be an exciting time full of anticipation, wonder, and joy. For many women, discovering they are pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of their lives. And when they find they’re expecting more than one baby, the excitement only intensifies. But with the joy of having twins comes additional challenges and responsibilities.

In this blog post, we will discuss the early symptoms of twin pregnancy, so you can be better prepared for what’s to come.

Extreme tiredness and fatigue

Feeling tired in early pregnancy is a common symptom, but when pregnant with twins, it can be overwhelming. Women carrying twins will usually start feeling exhausted during the first trimester, as the body works hard to accommodate two fetuses.

Your body will be producing twice as much hormones, and you’ll have double the blood volume in your body, which can make you feel constantly drained.

Unusual weight gain

Weight gain is expected during pregnancy, but with twins, you can expect to pack on a little more weight than with a single baby pregnancy. Be prepared for a more significant weight gain, especially during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Your appetite will increase, and your body will demand that you eat more food to provide adequate nutrition to your babies.

Higher levels of morning sickness

Morning sickness is one of the most annoying symptoms of early pregnancy. While some women may only experience occasional nausea and vomiting, carrying twins may give rise to more severe symptoms of morning sickness.

You may experience nausea for most parts of the day, and vomiting can become more frequent. Stay hydrated and take small, frequent meals to ease the intensity of morning sickness.

Abdominal pain or discomfort

Carrying two babies can place extra strain on your uterus and abdomen, leading to more discomfort and even pain. Women pregnant with twins may experience mild cramping, abdominal pain, or discomfort early on in their pregnancy. You may also experience a feeling of heaviness in your lower abdomen, especially when you move around.

Fetal movements

Feeling the baby move is an exciting moment for every pregnant woman, but for those carrying twins, these movements can start to feel more frequent and intense. You’ll be able to feel your babies’ kicks and movements earlier than in single pregnancy. As the babies grow, you may notice them moving independently of each other, and this can feel a little odd.


Carrying two babies is a beautiful and challenging experience. It is essential to recognize these early symptoms of twin pregnancy so that you can take care of yourself and your babies.

Be sure to schedule regular appointments with your doctor, take frequent breaks to rest, and stay hydrated. Remember, carrying two babies can be overwhelming, but it is also a special moment in your life that you will always cherish.

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