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Dealing with Fatigue During Pregnancy – 6 Natural Ways to Cope

You find it difficult to get up from bed, or simply dragging your feet seems to be a tedious task. Well, welcome to the world of pregnancy! You are tired, exhausted, and fatigued. Whatever you call it, dealing with fatigue during pregnancy really sucks. 

The good news is, it is just normal to feel this way during pregnancy. Fatigue is just one of the many symptoms of being pregnant. Feeing tired usually happens during the first few months of pregnancy and weeks before you give birth.

When does fatigue begin and end?

Since fatigue is an early sign of pregnancy, most women experience it in the first trimester which starts after conception and the embryo is implanted on the uterus. 

As you reach the beginning of the second trimester, fatigue gets better and comes back in the third trimester. You may feel tired later in pregnancy because of the extra weight of your belly. That’s why it is advised that you take plenty of rest. 

Dealing with fatigue during pregnancy may be quite challenging but here are some tips to somehow cope with this common pregnancy symptom.

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Reasons why you feel tired during pregnancy

Yes, it’s frustrating but being tired is a normal sign just like nausea which indicates that your pregnancy hormones are just doing their job. Your baby is growing and so fatigue is just one of the good signs. The following are the other reasons why fatigue hits you hard during pregnancy:

  • Not been having a good sleep the past days
  • Morning sickness makes it hard for you to take food
  • The heart is pumping harder because of your increased blood volume
  • Bigger belly makes you more tired
  • You are sharing some of your nutrients with your growing baby

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Five ways to fight fatigue during pregnancy 

Don’t worry, mommies. You can still increase your energy levels and kill tiredness with a few easy steps. Dealing with fatigue during pregnancy is easy with these simple, natural ways.

1. Follow a healthy meal plan 

Pregnancy fatigue can be treated by following a healthy diet. Include organic fruits and vegetables to your diet and skip processed foods. A low-fat diet may also help and make sure it has a balanced amount of protein and iron. Drink plenty of water as well.

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2. Keep moving 

Fight fatigue by committing to daily exercise. Go for some walk and aerobic exercise to increase your energy levels. Exercising also makes you sleep better and improves your mood. 

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3. Skip caffeine

Regular drinking of caffeinated drinks during pregnancy can affect your sleep and mood. When this happens, you become tired and exhausted.  

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4. Sleep well

Go to bed early and put gadgets off. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Naps also help, 15 to 20 minutes of nap can rejuvenate you. Do not oversleep as this can make you even more tired. 

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5. Relax your body and mind

Dealing with fatigue during pregnancy is no joke. Being pregnant makes your heart rate go up and produce more blood. You are consuming more nutrients as you share them with your baby. You are feeling mixed emotions as hormones fluctuate. Find time to relax your body and mind. Enjoy and feel the precious moments of pregnancy as you won’t have the luxury to do it often when your baby arrives. 

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6. Ask for help

It is okay to ask for help. Pregnancy is demanding, but not as much as motherhood. Nevertheless, if you feel you need help or someone to talk to, let your partner, friends, or family know how sapped you are so they can lend a hand. Sometimes even a simple picking of some groceries or doing the laundry may seem so dreary for you so having someone to do the job can mean a lot. 

Final thoughts 

Pregnancy symptoms are not easy to bear, although they indicate good signs. As long as feeling tired doesn’t harm you and your growing baby, you have nothing to worry about, except that it can really make your pregnancy days tougher. Just follow the above tips in dealing with fatigue during pregnancy and surely you will cope until your little bundle of joy arrives.

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