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What’s the Meaning of the Name “Dima”?

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We sometimes wonder where we got our names, or what our names mean. And while we can always ask our parents, there are times when their answers might not be enough because they can easily say that they got your name from their own names, a celebrity, or a historical figure. If their answers are not enough, we resort to doing our own research to find out the meaning, origins, and variations of our names.

You may be surprised to find that your name has a deep meaning. Or that it has several meanings. Usually, a name may have a meaning from the country and language where it came from, but it can also have more meanings from other countries that use that name.

Names come from different places and cultures. While most names have a specific origin, other names may have unclear origins.

A name may have different variations, once again depending on the country or language. For example, “John” is normally used in English-speaking countries like the United States, while “Juan” is more commonly used in Spain. But both names came from a Hebrew word that means “God is gracious.”

Now let’s look closely at another name: “Dima”. Here is an example of a name with different meanings and variations.

What is the meaning of the name “Dima”?

According to some sources, the name “Dima” is a Russian name and a diminutive of Dimitri. Other sources claim that it is a diminutive of “Vladimir”. A diminutive is a shorter form or an affectionate form of a given name. Most of the time, they are used by friends and family.

“Dima” name origin is Russian and may also be a Russian version of “Demetrius”, which is a Greek boy’s name. “Demetrius” means “Demeter’s follower.” Demeter is the Greek goddess of fertility and farming or agriculture. She is the sister of Zeus, the god of thunder and the king of all the other gods. She has a daughter named Persephone, the goddess of vegetation. The name “Demeter” is from “de” which means “earth” and “meter” which means “mother” in the ancient Greek language.

The name meaning in Russia is “strong fighter”.

The Slavic meaning of “Dima” is “strong fighter” or “powerful warrior”. It is a short Yugoslavian form of the name “Dimitra”, which also refers to Demeter.

The name is also an Islamic or Arabic name. Dima’s name meaning in Arabic is “an incessant gentle rain unaccompanied by wind, thunder, or lightning.” It may also mean “rain that lasts for a short time.” It is used as a girl’s name and is common among immigrants from Slavic and Arabic countries.

A variation of the name is “Dimah”, which means “cloud which carries rainwater”. That’s another Dima meaning in Arabic.

In some countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, “Dima” is used as a girl’s name more than a boy’s name. But in Russia, it is more popular as a boy’s name.

They say that people with this name are independent and have leadership abilities. They are kind and generous so they tend to have jobs related to serving others. They are also affectionate, passionate and romantic.

Popular people with the name “Dima”  

-Dima Bilan – born in Russia in 1981 as Victor Nikolaevich Belan, he’s a musician, singer, and songwriter.

-Dima Bashar – born Dima Bint Bashar Arafat Qadri in 2000, she’s the vocalist of To your al Jannah (Birds of Paradise), a rock band from the Middle East.

-Dima Youssef Hourani (Dominique Hourani) – a Lebanese actress, model, singer and beauty queen born in 1985 in Beirut.


Dima is a name that is said to have originated in Russia and associated with the name of the Greek goddess Demeter. In Arabic, it means torrential rain, while in Slavic, it means powerful warrior. It can be a good girl’s name or a boy’s name.

People who are called “Dima” tend to be kind and possesses the qualities of a leader.

If you are thinking of a short name that is easy to pronounce and spell, you may want to consider “Dima”.

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