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The Best Slavic Baby Names for Your Little Prince or Princess

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The Best Slavic Baby Names for Your Little Prince or Princess

From the beautiful Croatian baby girl names to Persian baby names until Serbian boy names and Welsh girl names, let’s go to the best Slavic baby names. If you want your child to have a unique name but with wonderful meaning, why don’t you try these best Slavic baby names for your little one?

Slavic last names and even first names are one of a kind and a bit difficult to pronounce. However, they have a wonderful origin and history. Some may sound as badass Slavic names but in the pre-Christian period, children had to bear a substitute name from seven years old until they are ten years old. This substitute name was to protect the baby from evil powers and when they reached ten years old, they were given a new name during the ritual first haircut. 

Slavic Baby Names

If you want an exotic baby name for your little one, try these best Slavic baby names. Slavic names consist of a given name, followed by the patronymic and then the surname. 


A boy name which means “defender of mankind” and is one of the most popular Slavic baby names.


Andrea is the feminine form of Andrew that also means “defender of mankind”.


Andres is a boy Slavic name which means “a born warrior who is manly and brave”.


This name may not be one of the exotic gender-neutral names but this is still popular among parents. This name means “a messenger of God”.


David is a boy name that means “a beloved friend” and has also become one of the best Slavic baby names because it is often chosen by parents. 


Elena is a Greek variation of the name Helen which means “bright one”.


This name is a class girl name which means “the holy angels of God sent from heaven”. 


It is a boy name which means “a ruler of the world”.


Evan is a Bible name for a girl and is quite one of the best Slavic baby names among parents that means “life” or “living one”.


Felix is a boy name that means “a man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success”. So, if you believe that your little prince will bring a good fortune to your family, you can name him with this name.


Gideon is a Hebrew Biblical name and it means “he that breaks” or somehow a “destroyer”.


This is a girl name which means “downy-bearded person” or “young”. Girls with this name tend to be blessed with a lot of blessings and most of the time, organized type of persons. They are also a unique type of person. 


Mila is one of the Slavic female names which means “a gracious one” or “a beautiful dear”.


At the earliest times, Noah seems to be a boy name but now, it is one of the exotic gender-neutral names which means “relaxation, restful, harmony, and calm”.


Valentina is one of the popular Slavic girl names for your tough little princess. Valentina means “strong”, “vigorous”, and “healthy”.


Alja is a name for a girl but it can also be a name for a boy. If you want a bright name for your baby, this can be perfect for it means “halo”, “circle of light”, and “moonlight”.


It is a variant of the name Nicholas which means “victorious” and “conqueror of the people”.


Andrei is one of the ambiguous Russian names for boys that is the Russian form of the name Andrew. It means “manly” and “brave”.


Jan is a Hebrew name which is the feminine form of John and also a variation of the name Jane. It means “gift from God” and Jana was the wife of Janus in Roman mythology.


Katarina may not be one of the rare Eastern European names but it is one of the best Slavic baby names. Its connotations of purity make a distinct designation for its bearers. 
Lastly, we hope that we contributed to your newborn baby’s name! It is our pleasure to help you, dear parents! 

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