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10 Adorable Fruit Names for Babies

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10 Adorable Fruit Names for Babies

Parents who are expecting their new baby are definitely excited to come up with the baby’s name. They may have done some research or thought of combinations to make their baby’s name more meaningful. Fruit names on babies are actually a good idea because they have a very charming, chic and cute vibe that fits your baby. Some are also balanced enough that it fits well when they grow up. 

To help parents decide on what is the best name for their babies, here are the top 10 adorable fruit baby names that are carefully-picked and recommended by other parents: 

1. Apple

Apple is the most famous when it comes to fruit baby names. Indeed, there are many babies who were named after Apple and we might have at least one friend named Apple. However, though it is the most common among the fruit baby names, it seems that it never goes out of style. Maybe because this name really gives a charming, adorable and cute vibe. It is simple yet a very nice name to call your little precious one. If you are one of those parents that don’t really look for a rare name and don’t mind, Apple is still a nice option for you.

2. Peach 

This sweet fruit reminds us of all those lovely desserts. Unlike most fruit-inspired names, Peaches has been in for a long time. It was previously reserved for showgirls. Peaches were also the name of a punk and glam rock musician. She was born Merril Beth Nisker but renamed herself after the release of the song “Four Women” by Nina Simone. Then there is Princess Peach from Mario too.

This fruit baby name reminds us of the sweet desserts we love to it. This has been long used as a name as well. This is a nice option if you want to give your daughter a simple yet sweet name. It is straightforward but still very classy. It is also one of those fruit baby names that still fits well with your child even when she becomes an adult. 

3. Plum

Plum actually represents excellent traits for a young lady. The name is from the know fruit plum that has a sweet syrup and gives a hearty strength. This name is quite unique but it is not uncommon or odd. Other parents actually feel that Plum is more appealing than Apple and more presentable than Peach. It is a nice name for your precious little one.  

4. Mirabelle 

Maybe you are already tired of the common names such as Annabelle and Isabelle. Why not try Mirabelle? It is an excellent twist. Mirabelle is from a delicate French plum and it is a name that means “marvelous”. It was also the name of the heroin in the famous novel “Shopgirl” by Steve Martin. If you are looking for a fruit baby name but also want a classic vibe into it, Mirabelle is the way to go! It is a name that little girls can carry on even when they are already adults.

5. Bosc

Bosc is the name of a pear. It is an option of a fruit baby name for boys. This is a very unique and cool name for your precious son. It has a musical tone and it ends with the hip letter c. Bosc is actually on the rise for popularity in baby boy’s names because it has a very manly yet rare vibe into it. Parents can make this a choice so they can at least be the first ones to use this nice name. 

6. Olive

The name Olive has a subtle yet appealing vibe in it. Though it has been used as a name in the past, it will sure make a remarkable comeback. This fruit baby name is mostly used for a baby girl’s name. Few famous celebrities like Drew Barrymore even chose this name for her daughter. This short, simple yet very nice name is definitely a recommendation for parents who are having a baby girl. You will never go wrong with this choice.

7. Hudson

Hudson is a kind of cherry and it is very popular for boy’s names. It was also named after prominent star babies. It has a macho and very manly sound that suits well with your handsome baby. Parents who are expecting a baby boy can think about this nice suggestion because it is nice to hear and it has a cool vibe into it.  

8. Berry 

Berry is closely related to names like Apple and Plum. But Berry on its own is rising in popularity. This name also suggests a nature-loving childhood. This will also be a nice nickname if you decide to give your child the name Strawberry, Huckleberry and so on. This cute name will always remind you of the sweet fruit and has a positive impact on it. 

9. Quince 

Quince is actually a unisex name. It is intriguing and appealing as well. Though it is unique, there are quite few people who are named after this in the United States and there are possibilities that the number will increase. One famous person with this name is Peggy Quince, a Justice of Florida. 

10. Anjou

This cool and jazzy name is actually unisex as well. It is a fruit baby name that you can actually consider. It is not overly feminine or masculine that’s why it falls on both the boy and girl category. It has also been rising in popularity. It is actually a very nice nickname as well. 

The top 10 adorable fruit baby names listed above are just very few suggestions from so many options you can find. But these are nicely-picked so you can be assured that these are some of the nicest fruit baby names you can find. Parents, however, have the final say on what they will name their kid. The important thing is that it is decent enough and they will grow to live up with the charm and meanings of their names. 

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