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18 Cool and Classy Baby Names for November Newborns

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18 Cool and Classy Baby Names for November Newborns

If you are having a baby in November, you may want to consider names associated with events and holidays that are celebrated in this month. Thanksgiving baby names may be popular. Names associated with Halloween, magic or spiritual world may also be considered.

Babies who are born in this month may be a Scorpio or a Sagittarius so their names may also have something to do with these signs. Babies born in November may have Scorpio or Sagittarius personality. People born under the Scorpio sign (October 23 to November 21) are emotional, loyal, and passionate. They are also curious and imaginative. And they are brave and strong. People born under the Sagittarius sign (November 22 to December 21) are smart. They have a great sense of humor. They are usually fun and outgoing. They are also deep and caring. They value freedom and love traveling. 

Also associated with November zodiac signs are water (for Scorpio) and fire (for Sagittarius). November birthstone is topaz, and the flower is chrysanthemum.

Since it’s autumn in November (but still depending on where you live), it’s also good to consider names associated with this season. Colors like red, yellow, orange and brown are some of the autumn colors.

Check out these cool and classy November baby names for newborns.

  • Andrea

Andrea is said to be of Greek origin. It means “daring” or “courageous”, which is a perfect description for babies born in November. It is a form of the name “Andrew” and may be used by both baby girl or baby boy. It is also a feminine form of “Andreas”, derived from “andros”, meaning “man”.

Andrea may be pronounced as “ANN-dree-a” or “Ahn-DRAY-a”.

Other variations include “Andreah” or “Andria”. Some common nicknames are “Andy”, “Ann”, “Dee”, “Andie” and “Drea”.

  • Andrew

The name “Andrew” originated from the Greek word “andreios” which means “manly”. It also means “brave” and “strong man”.

It is the name of one of Jesus Christ’s apostles in the bible. It is also said that people with the name “Andrew” tend to be imaginative, which is one of the characteristics of Scorpio. So this is one of the nice Scorpio baby names that you can consider.

Some nicknames include “Andy” and “Drew”. Other related names are “Andre”, “Andrei”, “Andreas”, and “Andres”.

  • Archer

The symbol of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is the archer, so this name is perfect for baby boys born under this sign.

Archer is of English origin. It means “bowman” or “one who excels in archery”. Some related names include “Arch” and “Archie”.

  • Aurora

The name “Aurora” is of Latin origin. It means “sunrise”. The Roman goddess of dawn is also named Aurora. It is also the name of the princess in “Sleeping Beauty”, a popular fairy tale.

Some common nicknames include “Rory”, “Aury”, “Au”, “Aura”, and “Rors”.

  • Cecilia

Cecilia is a feminine form of “Cecil”. It means “blind”, “blinded” or “blind to one’s own beauty.” It is of Latin origin.

Cecilia is a good name for a baby girl born in November as the feast day of St. Cecilia, the patron of musicians, is on November 22.

Other variations include “Cecelia”, “Cecile”, “Cecily”, and “Celia”. Some common nicknames include “Ces”, “Cecile”, “Celia”, and “Lia”.

  • Charles

The name “Charles” is one of the classic names that you can choose for your baby boy. It is derived from “karl”, a Germanic name that means “man”. This name is also very popular among royals as several kings and princes were given this name such as Prince Charles, the future king of Great Britain, and Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne.

  • Charlotte

The baby girl name “Charlotte” is a feminine form and diminutive of “Charles”. It is of Germanic origin. It means “free woman”.

Some common nicknames include “Charlie”, “Lotte”, and “Lottie”.

  • Duncan

Duncan is a unique boy’s name that is of Scottish origin. It is from the Gaelic name “Donnchadh”, from the words “donn”, meaning brown, and “chadh”, meaning warrior. So the name Duncan means “dark-skinned warrior”.

The zodiac sign Scorpio is associated with the planet Mars. This is one of the good baby names for November newborns as Mars, in Roman mythology, is the god of war and is associated with warriors.

Some common nicknames include “Dunc”, “Dunn”, “Duke”, and “Dan”.

  • Elena

Elena originated from the Greek name “Helene” or “Helen”. It means “bright” or “shining light”.

This name can be pronounced as “ee-LAY-na” or “EH-leh-na”. Some related names include “Helen”, “Helena” and “Helene.” Some variations include “Eleina”, “Ellena”, or “Elaina”.

  • Grace

Grace is of Latin origin. It means “elegant and graceful woman”. The name is also derived from “gratia”, a Latin word that means “favor” or “thanks”. This name is perfect for baby girls born on Thanksgiving Day.

Some popular people with this name are Grace Kelly, princess of Monaco, and Grace Jones, model and singer.

Some variations are “Grayce”, “Graciela”, and “Gracey”.

  • Hazel

Hazel is an English name derived from the hazel tree and the color. The color is considered as one of the most beautiful eye colors, as it seems to shift from green to brown shades. It is a cool name for a baby girl born during the autumn season.

  • Jonathan

Jonathan is a popular boy’s name which is of Hebrew origin. It means “gift of God”.

Some variations include “Jonathon”, “Jonatan”, and “Johnathan”. Some nicknames include “Jon” and “Nathan”.

  • Nova

Nova is an interesting and unique baby girl’s name that means “new”. It is of Latin origin. It is also an astronomical term used to describe a star that releases a great burst of energy.

“Nova” can also be a nickname for the name “November”.

  • Phoenix

Phoenix can be a girl’s name or a boy’s name. It is the name of a beautiful bird believed to be immortal. It appeared in Greek and Egyptian mythology. This name means “dark red”.

This can be one of the unique names for November babies because of the color red which is also considered as an autumn color.

  • Ruby

Ruby is a pretty girl’s name which means “deep precious stone”. It is of Latin origin.

It is a cool name that can be associated with the colors of autumn, so it’s perfect to use as a name for a November newborn.

  • Rufus

Rufus is a boy’s name and is of Latin origin. It means “redhead”.

There are several saints with this name. King William II also used “Rufus” as his nickname due to his red hair.

  • Zendaya

Zendaya is a very unique girl’s name that originated in Africa. It is said to be derived from the Shona language used in countries like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Zambia. It means “to give thanks”, so this name is perfect for babies born around Thanksgiving time.

One of the popular artists with this name is Zendaya, an actress and singer whose full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.

  • Zeke

Zeke is a shorter form of the name “Ezekiel”. It is of Hebrew origin. If you are looking for a short cool name with a good meaning, you can consider this name. The longer name “Ezekiel” means “God will strengthen.” Strength is also one of the characteristics of people born under the sign of Scorpio.

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