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10 Perfect Sagittarius Baby Names You Can Consider

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If your due date is between November 22nd and December 22nd, sure you’re going to have a Sagittarius baby and it’s just fitting to check out Sagittarius baby names. Many people think that whatever our astrological sign is will tell us more about how the person will feel and act based on when they were born.

An excellent way to celebrate your child’s zodiac sign is to christen them with Sagittarius lucky names based on the Sagittarius character types are like. Thus, if you’re a zodiac believer than you need to continue reading this article to find out famous Sagittarius names that fit your Sagittarius baby!


Eliane is one of the sweet baby girl names that you would love to have for your child. As stated by Nameberry.com, it’s a pretty name that means “sun.” Since you’re naming your child after the largest fire of the all, the sun, this baby name will motivate your baby to shine bright for everything she will do in life.  


This is one of the most charming Sagittarius baby names and a perfect name for your baby as the Sagittarius element is fire and flint is utilized to create fire. This name cannot only link your son to their astrological sign; however, it can also tell your little angel to discover things that they are enthusiastic about and that glows them up inside.


With zodiacal signs have common character attitude, both nice and terrible, that human has you want to ensure to choose a name for your baby son that exhibits Sagittarius good qualities like the first name Jimi. This is among Sagittarius’ lucky names that mean artistic. With Sagittarius famous for being resourceful and imagining out of the box, Jimi is a name we consider your child is going to adore. Let your child have this first name that suits his zodiac sign and christen your baby son the first name Jimi.


After searching so many Sagittarius baby names for your child and not getting one that you and your husband adore it can feel disheartening sometimes. That is why you need to check the character qualities that Sagittarius is famous for having. A name that your child would like that suits Sagittarius’ characters is the first name Ailani.


If you’re a Sagittarian or have friends who are born in the Sagittarius phase, then you know how adventurous this person is with this astrological sign. A name that will fit your daughter flawless is the first name Journey. This is one of the Sagittarius baby names that can be a reminder for your baby to follow her feelings and not to fear adventures.


Every star sign has a reigning world and for Sagittarius the ruling world is Jupiter. It is a dashing Sagittarius lucky name that we understand any baby boy would like to have. While you can observe Jupiter with no microscope on a starry night this first name will be a cue him that there’s something better out there for him.


With Sagittarius babies being creative you want to give her a name that will recap her to be imaginative when everybody else is not and only sticking to the regulations. Add Althea to your directory of potential baby Sagittarius baby names you want to consider for your sweet pea!


When people at times tell their star sign is Sagittarius, they can have strong emotions about people with that kind of character because Sagittarius is popular for being strong-minded. The Sagittarius baby names Connie can help your baby girl have the right balance is determined and can compromise.


When you are looking for picking the best name for your baby you want the first name with meaning and name they’re going to adore. That’s why you need to check the name Wendell. Ranker tells that this Sagittarius baby name means traveler.


Since Sagittarius is popular for being adventurous and artistic, they make natural leaders. This is due to the self-confidence that they have which makes others trust in their skill as well. So why not christen your baby girl a Sagittarius baby names that have a meaning of leader?

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