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Traveller Baby Names the 5 Best Place Names for Babies

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It is nice to go somewhere you like and love. Places are one of the things that could help us create memorable things and create something that we can never forget. You and your partner (husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend) may have been into so many different places and have traveled through your favorite or dream countries back then when you were still single. 

It is quite nice to know that sometimes, as you’ve gone through a lot of experiences and will shortly have a family soon, naming your baby to some of the places you’ve been through could be an interesting thing to do and some quite a challenge for the both of you. But, on the brighter side, you’ll find it charming as your baby will have the most kind of a bit unusual baby names among the other kids out there. 

So, to help you out naming your baby with some of the best places in the world. We are here to list down the unique baby names and even the inspiring music name ones! If in any case, you may want to pair it with some bizarre baby names, popular royal baby names and/or classic baby names! Without any doubt, here are some of those!

Traveller Baby Names: The 5 Best Place Names For Babies


Canada is usually one of the best places to go and travel to and one of the best places to go with a toddler. If you have been to this country, for sure you have visited this place. The best time to go into this place is during winter where you’re going to see some white mountains! A perfect background picture and souvenir for life! 


We eventually expect that you know where this place is and what it is for. Orlando is a name for a baby boy. It is located downtown in Florida where you visit some of the best places like Disneyland Orlando, Magic Kingdom Park, Universal Studios Orlando and Epcot (Future world showcase theme park). This place has been a good visit for those families who wanted to spend some time together!


Florence is one of the baby girls inspired names could ever give and be an option for your baby girl! Florence is located in Italy. It is the capital of the Tuscany Region in Italy and is the home of such several masterpieces during the Renaissance Time and Architectures. You should consider naming your baby as Florence as this place is the home of Uffizi Gallery the Art Museum with Renaissance Sculptures and materials, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Palazzo Vehicco with its fortified and striking 13th-century palace. 


Oops, this might be the name that you’re thinking and we’re probably heading out with the same idea which is Chandler Bing of Friends. But, that is not only the matter and option for your baby boy’s name. You might want to consider this name to your place names for babies, as Chandler is a great place in Arizona. It is a city in the Southeast of Phoenix and if you’re planning to visit Chandler Arizona sooner or later go to places like Veterans Oasis Park or just head to Arizona Railway Center.


Sure you have an idea where this place is. Vienna itself is the capital of Austria, if you look at it in the maps it lies in the country’s east Danube River. Surprisingly, Vienna is a place full of Palaces where you can see Belvedere Palace, The Hofburg (a baroque palace), and Schonbrunn Palace. This kind of place will let you experience the royal kingdom and palace! It is one of the exciting and fun places to go with the baby! It is a unique place name for babies and some worldly girl names!

Wrapping Names Up!

There you go, we have given you traveler baby names that you will love! The names will not only have a remarkable memory but also the places that you may have been through with your loved ones! Why not find some charming names ending in Letter A too?

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