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5 Of the Best and Unique Names That Means Peace for Your Little One

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For instance, you may be finding some names for your baby at this point. A lot of things are being considered with regards to naming your baby and you might be getting confused with a lot of suggestions and recommendations that your parents, relatives, friends and even colleagues are giving you. You might be thinking of naming your baby some flower-plant themed baby names, bizarre celebrity baby names or following the footsteps of some royal prince and princess through some popular royal baby names. 

It is quite true that these trends nowadays are becoming more and more creative and more unique. If you’re quite finding some name truthful meaningful names for your baby then you might like to think of some names that mean peace for your little one. There’s actually a lot of names that means peace and it may be categorized under names meaning peaceful warrior, girl names that mean peace and joy, girl names that mean comfort, boy names meaning calm spirit or whatever it may be, we’ll try to give the best and unique names for you and your child. 

5 Of The Best and Unique Names That Means Peace For Your Little One


Topping up the list of baby names that mean peace for your little one is Humphrey. Humphrey means a peaceful warrior. It is from the German name elements of HUN which are “bear cub and warrior” and FRID which means “peace”. Humphrey is one of those classic baby names that you may consider too. This name was introduced to England. If you want your baby to have a peaceful warrior name then name this after him or her. This can be a good name for a girl or a boy.


Shiloh is a cute name meaning that brings peace, it is a good name for a baby girl. However, this is a Unisex name which can also be a boy’s name. Shiloh is a biblical name that means “peace”. Did you know that Shiloh was mentioned in the Genesis bible verse 49:10? This name was mentioned several times in the Old Testament. If you’re considering some celebrity names for your baby, follow this one because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie named their baby Shiloh. 


One of the biblical names and could be boy names that mean strength for your baby. 

Solomon is a Hebrew baby name, so if you’re considering a fascinating Hebrew baby name for your little one. Try naming this after Solomon. It is derived from the word Shelomoh which means peace. Solomon was the king of Israel which is the son of David and Bathsheba. Naming your child as one of the Kings could be a great deal!


Aside from some uncommon British girl names with meanings that you may find around the corners of the internet, why not have some Arabic baby names for your baby that means peace? Zulema is a unique name for your baby which came from the Arabic Era and Arabic world. Drawing some names that you could combine into Zuela could be a perfect match and combination for your child’s unique name!


This name is something you do not usually hear on every occasion or birthday celebrations. You can say that this name is one of the kinds and could define you as different among all other persons who have a unique name. It may not be the cool British names for guys that you are thinking too but Kynaston is an English surname that is mainly used in parts of England and West Indies. 

In Summary

These are some of the best and unique names that mean peace for your little ones. We only gave you a  list of five because we understand how hard it is to choose from a lot of options and names. It’s quite confusing and quite crazy! Remember to give out the best names for your baby. Needless to say, your responsibility as a parent of giving them the child growth and development that they need should be the number one priority of all time. 

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