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11 Astounding Names that Mean Gold, Yellow or Orange

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Giving a name for your baby can be a challenging task as a parent. You want to give a name that has a beautiful and desirable meaning, but it just seems so hard to decide. Why not consider giving names that have colorful meanings? Or maybe you are after your favorite color?  What about names with yellow shade? It can be a hard thing to decide but if you already have the meaning, maybe it will be easier for you.

If you are expecting a baby and you wanted to give them names that mean yellow or gold, then this article will give you a list of possible names you can give your little angel, whether it’s a boy or a girl. This article will also discuss names that mean gold, yellow or orange, along with its beautiful meanings. 

Names with Gold, Yellow or Orange Meanings 

Planning to give names with gold, yellow or orange meaning? Check this list we have prepared for you. Understand its meaning because this will give you ideas about the name you will give to your little angel. 



The name Amber is one of the most popular Arabic names. It is a kind of Arabic Baby name which means ‘Jewel’, and if you are familiar with a jewel-quality fossilized resin, then you know that its color is like its way honey shade. However, the name Amber in England means ‘A jewel that became known in the 19th century, and it is from the name of the popular yellowish resin used in making jewelry. This is used always since the 20th-century publication of ‘Forever Amber’ by the writer Kathleen Winsor. Also, this name is a Muslim baby name which means a jewel stone or Amber stone. This name is usually named to baby girls because it sounds too feminine. 

2. Aureli

This name is perfect for a baby boy and it means ‘golden’. This is a Polish name that can be related to the Ancient Roman name that the meaning is golden. This is a very perfect name for your child since your child is precious like gold. 

3. Clementine

This is a sweet and adorable name which means ‘mild or merciful’. This name Clementine is the name of orange citrus fruit. If you want your child to be merciful, then you might as well give this name to your baby. This name is perfect for a baby boy. Even if it sounds old, this name is still being used until today. 

4. Ginger


This name calls to mind a red hair and cookies. Ginger is the short term for the name Virginia. This can relate to the names with yellow meaning because we all know that the color of ginger is somewhat yellow. Also, the popular gingers in recent memory were Ginger Rogers and the pop star Ginger Spice. 

5. Marigold

The name Marigold itself means gold. Marigold is a sunny and golden colored flower and a noble one. The famous Prime Minister of England, the late Winston Churchill named his third daughter with Marigold. The name Marigold once found in an English novel and aristocrat nurseries because of its sunny, golden feel. Interestingly, Marigold was the symbol of the Virgin Mary. This name is being named by many new parents until today. 

6. Sunny


Sunny is a cheerful name. This is sounding less like an English nickname and more of a hippie name. This name will surely bring a sense of the free-spirited name of choice. Sunshine is a symbol of new life because every time there is a problem when you see the sunshine, you would somewhat believe that the problem of the challenges is over. Of course, we can relate the name Sunny to names with yellow meaning because yellow is the color of the sun. Babies with Sunny names tend to have a cheerful and adorable personality. 

7. Blane 

This is a unisex name so it is perfect for your baby boy or baby girl. It’s meaning simply ‘yellow’. The name Blane is also a Surname in the 7th Century Scottish Saint. This name also means slender or angular when given to girls. Blane was also the name of the heroine’s preppy object of the affection in the famous and legendary movie in the 80’s the ‘Pretty in Pink’.

8. Flavia

This name is a cute and unique baby girl name which comes from a Latin origin which means ‘golden and blond’. Flavia is an ancient Roman name of a clan and is one of the choices that are not usual but legendary. Flavia is in the 60th place of names Italy. In the United States, the name Flavia is rare but with a better upswing in F names for girls. This name is also encountered in literature than in real life. In 1580, the name Flavia was used in a romance and novel. So this could be an old name but it still sounds new. 

9. Flavius


This name is a perfect name for your little boy. The name Flavius is a Roman family name which means “golden” and its Latin meaning is yellow or golden. Flavius in the history of Rome was the family name of the first-ever Roman emperors, Domitian and Titus. Later on, this family name was being used by late emperors as per Constantine. Even so, if you come to realize that nowadays, the name Flavius is given to newborn babies. 

10. Sunshine

The name Sunshine is a kind of name for girls based on English origin. Sunshine was seen as a typical hippie name in the ’70s and reached a high number of 536 names all over the world in 1975. That figure was the number as of that year, how much more today? It has a strong yellow meaning because we all know that the sun has a yellow reflection. Also, just like the sun, our babies give life to us. If there is a sun, it means that there is life in this world. 

11. Citron

This name is just perfect for your cute little boy that has a meaning of lemon. Well, we all know the lemon fruit and its color is yellow. There is also a trivia that this name has a Gallic twist on a word or nature which means lemony feel. The lemon fruit has many benefits for us and most of the time, it is advisable to give us nutrients. If you want your child to be healthy, you can give him this name. 


We are very meticulous about everything when it comes to our child. With the names that mean gold, yellow or orange given in this article, you now have an idea of what name and meaning you wanted to have for your child. You also need to consider the factors in choosing a wonderful name for your baby. Choose a name that is not just sounding good, but also consider the meaning. Do not let it happen that one day your child will be bullied because of his name. Give them names that are sweet because after all, it’s all about the attitude that matters in this world. Names are just what people will call us. People will remember your name based on the good and the bad things you have done. Piece of advice, at least do the good in everything. 

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