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11 Best Classic Baby Names with Repeating Sounds

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We like to give credit to Courtney Cox when named her baby girl Coco. Six years ago, she promoted that peculiar Chanel name to timeless and made it perfect for a modern child. There were famous baby names with repeating sounds before the Coco Arquette, even before Chanel. 

But at any point have these names with repeating letters been trendier than they’re today. If given as full names or utilized as a happy moniker for more names, repeating girls’ names is worthy of attention.

The following some of the perfect baby names with repeating sounds that you can take inspiration from: 

Bebe or Bibi

Bebe Neuwirth, an actress, and dancer who played as Lilith on the Cheers are the most famous names with repeating letters today, but also there’s model Bebe Buell, author Bebe Moore Campbell, and male Nixon buddy Bebe Rebozo. In Neuwirth’s case, the moniker for Beatrice is Bebe. Bibi native Berit, Andersson is a Swedish performer who featured in various Ingmar Bergman movies. 


Cece becomes a popular and trendy baby name because of Jim and Pam of the “The Office” tv show, whose baby girl is called Cecelia and nickname Cece. There’s a gospel singer named CeCe Winans and BeBe is the name of her sister which also called Cecilia.


Baby girl Coco Arquette’s name was chosen in honor of the first two letters of the first and last names of her mom- Courtney Cox. Fashion icon Coco Chanel whose real name is Gabrielle said her moniker is the abbreviated version of a coquette. The Canadian fashion model Coco Rocha was christened Mikhaila. Also, there’s Coco the Clown, and thankfully, that image is fading.


Probably, Lady Gaga is just one in the world, even though we’ve thought that in the past about first names we believed would never overtake their one-individual creator and so, lo and behold, the scores of baby Arlos, Elvi and Chers, Gaga’s true name is Stefanie Joanne Angelina; the moniker Lady Gaga originated from an error of the Queen music Radio Gaga.


The name Gigi became well-known by French author Colette 1944 short novel and later, the movie featuring Leslie Caron. Gigi is also a favorite dog’s name and it can be the shortened name for any female version of George or names like Regina or Geraldine.


LaLa Land maybe a moniker for Los Angeles, it’s also a progressively more common baby nickname for rising L names such as Laura, Leila, Allegra, Delilah, Lola and more.


While it’s pronounced like Lily, which is the #18 in the most famous names with repeating letters, Lili spelling is not commonly used. In 1953, Leslie Caron starred Lili movie, who appeared to have concentrated in personalities with these kinds of monikers.


Lulu is among the trendiest baby names with repeating sounds, mainly because the double-L tone itself is chic but also since it can be abbreviated for something from Louise up to Lucinda to Talullah. The one-nicknamed Lulu which is christened as Marie is a Scottish singer famous for the chart-topping hit “To Sir with Love” and Little Lulu was a comic book strip figure.


This is amongst the best names with repeating letters that were heard through the last era as a moniker for the omnipresent Mary, Miriam, Maria, Margaret, and other M first names. There are various popular Mimis, such as the superwoman of La Boheme and afterward, Rent, and Mariah Carey, for whom it’s a moniker.


Probably this is one of the most popular baby names with repeating sounds, this is the nickname of the famous world designer Miuccia Prada.


ZsaZsa Gabor, whose real name is Sari, which made her names with repeating letters the height of bizarre Glamour. While there are other ZsaZsas names, like President Kennedy who had a pet rabbit named ZsaZsa, still Gabor owns it.

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