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Baby Names: Perfect for Aries Babies

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Aries Babies (March 21 to April 19)

Babies with aries signs will usually come out crying after the labor and use their little voice to get attention. Aries babies are born with so much energy but they are accident-prone. They are strong and like to be head and adored, they like to be the center of attention. Moreover, they are honest, creative and passionate. Aries babies are impulsive and fearless because their sign is a fire sign and it is the first sign Zodiac. 

Aries babies are also known for their generosity, courageousness, and willingness to work hard. You may look for names that go with Aries for your baby and there are a lot. There are beautiful Aries-inspired names and Aries baby names. We listed some lucky names for Aries babies for your born-leader so take a look at these baby names for the Aries zodiac. 

Aries Baby Names


This is a strong and mythological unique name in the honor of a constellation that represents persistence and strength.


Aries baby names can’t be complete without Aries itself. Aries represents an untamed aspect of war and he is the son of Zeus and Hera. 


It was named after the month of April.


This name is fitted for a non–stop Aries baby because the meaning’s origin is being a fearless huntsman. 


Aries baby names can’t also be complete without this one. It’s a name that is perfect for the strong-willed Aries who is like a fire. 


A strong name for a head-strong Aries baby that means “peaceful”.


It is based on the April birth flower fitted for a beautiful Aries baby girl.


A fiery passionate name based on a bright, burning shade of the color red.


One of the most famous Aries in the world-one born with musical talent and passion to stand out. 


A name for an Aries baby girl that means “industrious rival”.


It is a biblical baby name for an Aries child that represents the biblical meaning of the name Aries. 


It is an Irish name that means “fire” perfect for the head-strong Aries baby.


This name is inspired by a quick and curious creature that is nature-based, short, and sharp. 


This name is derived from the heath-covered meadow for a little explorer Aries baby.


This name is a song-like name that sings the praises of a beautiful baby girl. 


It means “strong lord” that is perfect for a strong Aries baby boy. 

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The name Leo’s meaning is like the king of the jungle perfect for an Aries baby who will rule with a strong hand and passionate heart. 


A unisex name for an Aries baby that is quick with a hint of sweetness just like the Aries zodiac.


It is an adventurous name for an adventurous Aries baby.


This name is based on a star that shines brighter for a few months.


It is the Roman god of war fitted for the Aries zodiac.


A beautiful flower that just bloomed and is ready to show its beauty to everyone. It means “the first flower”.


It is based on a gem that shines brightly and sparkles at every angle.


It is a name for an Aries baby boy that means “brave” and “strong”.


This name is fiery and passionate which is inspired by Vivian Leigh’s depiction of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. 


It is a strong name for a strong Aries baby that can be shortened into Iggy. This name has some fiery origins. 


This name can represent a dynamic and passionate Aries baby and it has a meaning that roughly says “charming”.

Actually, there are different ways to spell Aries like “Ares” or “Aris” that depends on the preference of the parents. However, the pronunciation of Ares may be different from Aries. Do you want other zodiac signs names like Gemini names, Pisces names, and Taurus baby names? You can comment or send us a message so we can list them down!

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