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Trendy Names Boy Names for Girls

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Trendy Names Boy Names for Girls

Are you one of the mommies out there who are considering the baby boy names for their baby girl? No worries because boy names for girls become acceptable and trendy nowadays. There is no problem if you don’t want to stick to girl names for your little miss. There are no rules that prohibit you from choosing a boy name for your baby girl. To help you choose the cutest and the right one names for you, we have gathered the boy names for girls that you can use.

  • Alex

This name is one of the most used boy names for girls. It has a boyish charm that can capture the hearts of many people. You can notice the powerful but feminine sound of this name. But did you know that this name also conveys a great definition of defender of humankind? What a great name for your daughter!

  • Avery

This name may seem like a girl’s name from the very beginning, but did you know that this name is intended for boys? The name Avery is one of the boy names for girls that you should also consider. This name depicts the meaning of “elf counsel.”

  • Arlo

The name Arlo is one of the classic names of boys, which can also be used for girls. Valley between highlands is the best meaning associated with this name.

  • Elliot

Another great addition to our list of baby boy names for girls is the name, Elliot. What makes this as one of the best names is its meaning of “Jehovah is God”. Don’t forget to use this great name for your little girl!

  • Glenn

Glenn is a boyish name that conveys a great definition of a narrow valley. This name is gaining popularity up to this day.

  • Maxwell

Are you familiar with Jessica Simpson? She is one of those people who use the name Maxwell to her baby girl. You can use this name too!

  • Blake

The name Blake conveys a strong yet sweet sound. This name is also perfect for a girl since it has a meaning of “one with pale skin or hair”.

  • Chandler

Many parents fall in love with this name because of its manly yet exciting sound. Chandler is often associated with the words “candle seller”.

  • Billie

Billie is one of the most renowned boy names for girls. Remember Billie Holiday? She is one of the proofs that this name is perfect for your baby girl.

  • Ira

During the early times, this name was only used to name little boys, but today, this name is also used for our little daughters. This name has a definition of the “watchful one”.

  • Shane

“God is gracious” is the best meaning of this name. So the next time you want to choose a name for your baby girl, Shane can be a great option too.

  • Daryl

Remember the romantic comedy film Splash? A beautiful mermaid in that film was named as Darryl Hannah. The name Darryl has a meaning of open. What a great name for your future superstar!

  • Flynn

There is definitely no reason why you wouldn’t love this name. From its interesting sound to its easy-going charm, you will surely fall in love with this name. This name has a definition of “son of red-haired one”.

  • Gary

Girls have used the name Gary for a long period of time. This name depicts the meaning of “spearman”. Nowadays, this name loses its spark for boys, and girls can use this name as an advantage.

  • Jessie

Before, this name was strictly used for men only. But as time goes by, this name was used by many women. This is also a great option as your little angel’s name.

  • Noah

Noah is one of the biblical names for boys. But as the modern digital society arises, this name is now also used for baby girls. This name conveys a definition of rest or comfort.

  • Raleigh

The sweet and soft sound of this name is what makes it as one of the appropriate names for your cute baby girl. Meadow of roe deer is the best meaning associated with this word. What a classy and approachable name for your little angel!

The craze of using boy names for girls becomes a trend. These gender-neutral names are very interesting and charming to use. So if you are going to choose a unique, manly but sweet and inspirational name for your baby girl, don’t forget to consider these names.

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