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11 Unique Names That Mean Mother or Father for Babies

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Names that mean mother or father for babies exist in many civilizations and vary from the traditional and trendy to the rare and unusual. Abba and Abigail are the top names which mean father. Aside from Abba and Abigail, other names that mean mother or father for babies in the US Top 1000 comprise Cleopatra and Maia.

Names that mean nurturer can be an excellent way to respect a parent or ancestors. Here are some of the common, popular, or unique names that mean mother or father for babies that might suit you.


This is a boy’s first name of Hebrew root that means “father”.


Abigail is a girl’s first name of Hebrew root which has a meaning of “my father is joyful”.


This is of Hebrew origin for boy’s name which means “God is my father”. Abiel is a theological name (he was the granddad of Saul) that was employed by Puritans, mainly in Massachusetts, and so, it has a long family background. Parents are gradually searching for underused old names, and this person’s name, with the great moniker option of Abe, is suitable for more use!


Bige is a boy’s first name with Hebrew origin and has a meaning of “God is my father”. The Biblical Abijah might be momentarily lost in time, however, this archaic short name could change with it into the modern age.


This is one of the boy’s names that mean mother or father for babies with Dutch and Hebrew origin, with a meaning of “father of multitudes”. The name Bram has an odd degree of charm and attraction for a one-syllable first name; it began as a trendier-than-Abe diminutive of the scriptural Abraham, but also a free Dutch and Irish first name, made popular by Bram Stoker, the creator of Dracula. This name is currently in the 16th spot in the Netherlands; Bram Howard was a role on The West Wing.


Cleopatra is one of the most beautiful Greek girl’s names that mean mother or father for babies for “glory of the father”.

A noble name in primeval Egypt that’s never made to the modern, even though the nickname Cleo is commonly used. Other now-defunct Cleopatra variations are Cleora and Cleola. The name achieved some fame in the early 20th century era when there was a craze for all things Egypt-associated as the prehistoric tombs were open to public and relics exhibited. In 1917, Cleopatra was a popular silent movie in the US which is starred by Theda Bara.o


Probably, one of the best boys’ names that mean mother or father for babies means “God is father” and it’s a boy’s name with Hebrew roots. The Prince of the clan of Zebulon in the Exodus, everybody will misinterpret this as Elias, with a jammed nose.


This is a girl’s name which means “earth mother” and is of Greek origin. Gaia is the first name of the Greek mythical earth divinity and universal mother. Also, famous actress Emma Thompson said that she was fascinated by its natural element, so other “environmentally friendly” parents may like to pursue her lead.


Lillemor means “little mother.” The name is a recent coinage in Scandinavia and the 1930s and ’40s, it was prominent specifically in Sweden. Thus, it is believed to originate in Scandinavia. But in the US, the name is a fresh pick for lovers of “Lily”, though Lil” in this case originates from Lille “little”.


Maia is one of the most popular girl’s names that mean mother or father for babies with Greek root and it means “mother”. This is among those bright, celestial girls’ names with magical implications and fairy-tale origins. In the Greek folklore, Maia was the golden-haired daughter of Atlas who nurtured Zeus’s beloved illegitimate boy child, Hermes. But to the Romans, Maia was the embodiment of the earth mother and enchantress of spring, after whom they called the month of May. Maya and Maia are the same names and it depends on which root and meaning you like.

This name is a top choice by Nameberry users.


Yetunde is among girl’s first names that mean mother or father for babies which means “mother returned”. The famous bearer of the name was Yetunde Price, a West African and half-sister of Serena and Venus Williams. Unfortunately, in 2013, she was murdered.

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