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15 Cute and Striking Hungarian Baby Girl Names for Your Princess

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Hungary is a country that is Budapest-centered. The capital of Hungary dominates the country by its population that dwarfs the other cities of the country. The capital also has the concentration of most of its scientific, scholarly, and artistic institutions which the country is known for. The names of the cities in Hungary are striking like its culture. Budapest is situated in the banks of the Danube which is a wonderful city compared to the European capitals. 

Hungarians remain confident and proud of their country and their achievements despite a lot of tragedies during the last centuries. They are a lot proud of their achievements in science, scholarships, and arts which complete their rich culture. During the 20th century, many Hungarians emigrated to the United States. Because of many scientists, mathematicians, economists, musicians, anthropologists, and artists like Nobel laureates and Laura Fermi, a writer and the wife of the Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, she found a lot about “the mystery of Hungary talent” that spread around the English-speaking countries. 

Hungarian Girl Names for Your Little One

Baby girl names and baby boy names are often unique because parents choose to give their children a name that has a meaning that suits their little one. Aside from the culture that Hungarians offered to us, there are a lot of meaningful names like gypsy Hungarian names or Hungarian warrior names that people use nowadays. There are a lot of beautiful Hungarian names for you to consider and let’s take a look at these cute Hungarian baby girl names to help you choose. 


A variant of the name Hannah which is also one of the cute Hungarian baby girl names. This name is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning for your little princess. The name Hanna means “God’s given a gift to me”. 


Aside from being a flower, this name is also one of the popular female Hungarian names that you can consider for your little one. The name Lili means “Oath of God”.


A cute Hungarian baby girl name that means “a person who is possessing righteousness and brightness”.


It is a variant of the name Jasmin or Jasmine. This is also the name of a tall plant that bears beautiful flowers and sweet fragrance. If you love flowers and nature, you can consider this name aside from being a Hungarian name. 


A Hungarian girl name that exactly means “feminine”.


The name Benca is the feminine form of Bence which is a Hungarian boy name. This name means “she will conquer”.


A girl name in Hungary that means “life”.


It is a cute Hungarian baby girl name that is a form of the name Angela. The name Anelia means “angel”.


It is the Hungarian name for Cynthia who is the goddess of the moon. 


The name Dorika is also considered as one of the Hungarian affectionate names because of its meaning. Dorika is a name that means “a precious gift, sent from Heaven”.


A special Hungarian name for a baby girl is the name Dorottya. It may be a bit common but it has a special meaning. The name Dorottya means “they are God’s gift” or “special goals”. 


The name Jolan is a Hungarian name that means “good girl” or “violet blossom”.


The name Katelya is a name for your baby girl that means “clean” and “clear”.


The name Lizanne is a cute Hungarian baby girl name that means “a bright, glowing ornament”. This name is perfect for your bright and cheerful baby girl who loves to smile. 


If you are looking for some Hungarian girl names starting with letter M, Marika can be a choice for you. Despite its cute sound, the name Marika means “a restless and rebellious woman”. 

Last Note

Given these cute Hungarian baby girl names, it is important for parents nowadays that their baby girls won’t have a hard time pronouncing or spelling their babies. There are a lot of countries that can give you a lot of inspiration towards your baby’s name like Mexican baby names, European baby names or Romanian baby names. Whatever name you give to your baby, remember that she will still grow right with the proper parenting style. 

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