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What Does the Name Jada Mean?

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Parents who have a new baby coming are excited to name their child. They may look into some books or the internet to find the best name for their precious little one. Some parents may be eyeing on a unique but nice name Jada. Let us find out what it means. 

Jada: Name Meaning, Origin and Popularity 

The name “Jada” has a Spanish origin. It is used as a name for a girl. Its Spanish origin means “jade”. Spanish speaking countries have been using this strong but feminine name for a long time. It was popularized by the rise of an actress Jada Pinkett Smith. From then, it became a famous name of a girl in these countries. A popular variation of this name is the Italian Giada. However, in the Bible, the name “Jada” was used for a man’s name. It also has a different root and meaning. It has a Hebrew origin and it means “he knows” or “the knowing one”. 

Another interesting origin of the name “Jada” is from Arabic. It has an Arabic origin which means “gift”. In these areas, the name Jada is used as both boy’s and girl’s names. It consists of only 4 letters and 2 syllables. It is pronounced as Ja-da. 

The name “Jada” is appealing to parents who want to look for a name with genuine depth. This is a name suitable for a child that is full of spirit and familiarity. This name is solidly popular. 

There are other names that are similar to Jada. Here are some of them.

  • Jaakan

The name “Jaakan” is from a Hebrew origin which means “wise”. This name is generally used as a boy’s name. It is pronounced as Jaa-kan. This name is a form of “Jada”. It can be appealing for parents because it has this attractive and mesmerizing vibe. With its chic vibe, it is a nice blend for character and charm. It can also be used as a middle name. 

  • Jakan 

This is very close to Jaakan and Jada. It can be appealing to parents who want to name their son after an enchanting and valiant vibe of a name. It is a distinctive and unique name. 

  • Jaken

This is also very close to the name “Jada”. This name has a bold quality to it. This is a great name for a little boy describing his natural strength. This is definitely a unique and creative name for your son. 

  • Jarvia

This name “Jarvia” has a German origin which means “wise” as well. This is generally used as a girl’s name. It is pronounced as Jar-vi-a. This is a form of “Jada”. This unique name shouts style and sophistication. A name fit for a little pioneer. This name is surely an appealing and memorable one.  

  • Jarvinia

Just like Jarvia, the name Jarvinia is of German origin which means “wise” as well. It is mostly used as a girl’s name. It is pronounced as Jar-vi-ni-a. This unique name has an attractive and luminous appeal for parents. It has a great blend of charm and character. Parents may want to consider this unique and classy name for their little girl. 

These are just some forms of the name “Jada”. The name “Jada” along with its related forms are unique and charismatic in their own ways. Parents who love the name “Jada” can make use of other forms and see if they like it. But remember, whatever the name of your little one, his or her heart and how you raise them is the most important thing. Behind their literal name is the name they need to build for themselves. 

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