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Beautiful Bohemian Names for Girls

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When parents are expecting a new baby coming out very soon, they are also excited to come up with a beautiful name for their baby especially if it’s a baby girl. The parents might want to look for a unique and charming name for their little one. How about the idea of Bohemian names for your baby? Not a bad idea. 

Bohemian names actually have a very artsy vibe in it but it’s not very common. They are actually really balanced names and not completely unheard of. They have a vintage, chic and fresh feeling at the same time.  

For parents to choose and decide on the best name they can give to their little one, here is a list of the carefully picked beautiful Bohemian names for girls that parents may really like.  


This famous Bohemian name is more traditional than unique. Delilah means “delight” and “amorous”. Parents can pick this one for their baby girl if they want a classy and vintage vibe in their child’s name. This is so far one of the most famous Bohemian names.


This name has French origin which means “work”. The name Emily gets a Bohemian spin and it became Amelie. This became a favorite French name for girls because of the French film Amelie in 2001. This name is quite popular in England, Australia, and Germany. Parents may want to consider this classy name for their little princess. 


The name “Astrid” is used as a girl’s name which came from the Norse origin. Its meaning is “divinely beautiful”. The name “Astrid” is made up of elements that mean “god” and “beautiful”. Parents who have Norse roots can consider this name. But even if you don’t, you might like the royal vibe that this name sounds and decide to name it to your little princess.  


The name “Cyrene” is used as a girl’s name which means “supreme power”. An ancient city in Libya was named after her. If you want a little vintage, classy yet chic vibe on your little girl’s name, then you may like to settle for this name.  


The name “Fauna” came from the Latin origin. This is commonly known as one of the fairies who protected Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. If you want a fairy, charming and magical vibe for your little girl’s name, you may want to put this name on your shortlist. 


The name “Iris” is from Greek origin which means “rainbow”. This is an old name that is gradually regaining its appeal now. There are many famous celebrities who chose the name Iris for their daughter. This includes Jude Law, Renee O’Connor, and Judd Apatow. This name is actually a very famous name. If parents want a famous but still classy and vintage kind of name for their little one, then this is a good catch!

The list below is just a few of the so many selections of beautiful Bohemian names for girls available. Parents may even find some more in their research. If you have gathered enough ideas, then we hope that you can pick the right and suitable name for your coming little princess. But remember, a beautiful name can only be more beautiful when the holder is as beautiful as her name is. After coming up with your child’s beautiful name, it is now their responsibility to help her become more beautiful in the outside for the years to come. 

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