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Virtue Inspired Names: Virtue Baby Names

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As parents, we want to choose a name that conveys a good moral character. We want them to give an inspirational name. So, if you are one of those parents who are looking for names that are associated with good moral character, then you are on the right track. We have gathered a list of virtue baby names suited for your little angels.

  • Affinity

The first on the list of our virtue baby names is the name Affinity.  This is a girl’s name that depicts the word sympathy. What a great twist of sympathy on puritan virtue names.

  • Joy

Joy is one of the French names that you should also consider. This name conveys the meaning of rejoicing. This is an excellent addition to your virtue baby names list.

  • Clarity

Lucid and clear are the best words associated with this name. This is one of the virtue baby names that was popularized in both English and French.

  • Grace

Gratia is the origin of this name. The name Grace conveys a high definition of “God’s favor.” This is perfect for your little blessing!

  • Faith

This name has gained popularity over the years. Fides is the origin of the name Faith. This name has the meaning of unquestioning belief in God.

  • Trinity

Another great addition to our virtue baby names list! “Three in one” is what the name Trinity symbolizes. This name is great for your little miss.

  • Charity

The name Charity is specially made for your little bundle of joy. This name has an excellent definition of “to love and to be compassionate with your fellow man.”

  • Destiny

The meaning of this name is one of the great reasons why Destiny is an excellent option for your little girl. This name conveys an inspirational sense of bright fate.

  • Noble

A high moral principle is the best meaning associated with this name. This is an exceptional name for your little boy. Also, this name is always associated with the aristocratic class.

  • Regal

Latin and English are both the origin of the name Regal. This name conveys a great definition of the ruling class and royalty. This name is an excellent choice for your baby boy.

  • Bravery

The name bravery is a gender-neutral name. This name can be in line with the name Peace and Justin. This name is perfect for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

  • Bliss

Another unisex name. The name Bliss conveys a significant meaning of perfect happiness. The next time you want to choose a name for your baby, the name Bliss is ideal for you.

  • Ace

The name Ace is trendy nowadays. This name has a definition of unity or one, which makes it one of the most loved names.

  • Chance

This is one of the most favorite names for both baby boy or baby girl. The celebrities commonly use this name and often use as a character in a book.

  • Chase

“To hunt” is the best word associated with the name Chance. The sweet and exciting sound of this name is what makes it one of the most famous names nowadays.

  • Comfort

Comfort also belongs to the gender-neutral names. This name is appealing to any parents because of the easiness of this name.

  • Constance

This name has the meaning of steadfastness. The sound of the name Constance seems like a strong and signified one! This is one of the best names for your baby girl.

  • Democracy

The name Democracy is one of the great additions to the list of gender-neutral names. This name can also be in line with the name Justice and Peace.

  • Chastity

The Latin language is the origin of this name. Chastity conveys a significant meaning of innocence and purity. This name is perfect for your innocent baby girl.

  • Hope

This name belongs to the list of English baby names. This name is often associated with Faith and Love (Faith, Love, and Hope).

Most parents are naming these kinds of names to their babies because they are hoping that their child might inherit the meaning of these names. Virtue baby names can give you hope that your child will be obliged to be good and portray the meaning of their name as much as possible. Which name did you like the most? Choose the best name suited for your baby!

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