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17 Great Names That Mean Green for Babies

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17 Great Names That Mean Green for Babies

If you are anticipating the arrival of your bundle of joy, you might want to consider names that mean green for babies.

Choosing a name that means green can provide a special meaning. Green is considered as the most prevalent color in nature which signifies renewal, growth and the environment. From a different perspective, green also represents prosperity and money.

When selecting names that mean green for babies, you might want to consider those with green in their meaning, but if you want a direct route, you can choose an actual shade of green. With this approach, there are a variety of possibilities of finding the ideal name for your little one.

Recommended names that mean green for babies

Let us now take a close look at the selection of the recommended names that mean green for babies.

  • Apple

If you want one of the unique names that mean green for babies, “Apple” is a good choice and often one of the first examples. The name made headlines when Gwyneth Paltrow selected it as the name for her daughter.

  • Beryl

Beryl has a Greek origin which means “sea-green jewel. The name is one of the several green gem names that has not yet fully recovered from her World War II British image, being the first name of “Downton Abbey’s” cook, Mrs. Patmore.

  • Chloe

Chloe is a girl’s name of Greek origin which means “young green shoot”.

The name made an appearance in Greek mythology as an alternate name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter. She was represented as Chloe during the spring season, due to the involvement of the name to sprouts and growth. The name was also cited in the New Testament as the name of a Greek Christian woman.

Chloe is considered more vibrant if compared to other Greek-based romantic literary names of the 17th century. The name is a wonderful springtime name that symbolizes new growth. Although it descended on the list from its all-time high at the #9 rank in 2009, it is still a popular option as well as one of the traditional names for girls.

  • Celadon

Celadon is one of the ideal names that mean green for babies, especially for a body. Just like with Cerulean, this is one of the new and unusual color names which can be described as a soft, grayish-green.

  • Emerald

This name has a Persian origin which means “green”. Throughout the years, Emerald has been an intriguing color and jewel name of the deep green stone that has been greatly valued even back in ancient Egypt. The stone is supposed to open one’s heart to wisdom and to love as well as helping strengthen relationships. This makes it an interesting, unique name for an upcoming baby girl.

Emerald is also the birthstone of May, making it ideal for a girl who is going to be born in that month.

  • Daphne

This is a girl name of Greek origin which means “laurel tree, bay tree”.

In Greek mythology, Daphne was the nymph daughter of Peneus, a river god. As a way to save Daphne from the romantic advances of Apollo, Peneus transformed her into a laurel tree. It is from this myth that the plant genus “daphne” started in which the laurel species got its name.

  • Fern

Out of all the botanicals, Fern has been considered as the slowest to make a comeback despite being used for the appealing girl character in “Charlotte’s Web.

The name was quite popular from the turn of the last century up to the 1940s. It was able to grab a spot of #152 back in 1916.

  • Hunter

The name has an English origin which means “one who hunts”. Throughout the years, Hunter has been moving down the list for the past few years but remains as one of the distinctive names for boys that combines macho imagery with softened masculinity.

  • Jade

This is a girl’s name of Spanish origin which means “stone of the side”. It is also a precious stone and known to transmit wisdom, justice, clarity, modesty, and courage.

Jade has grown in popularity since Mick and Bianca Jagger chose it for their daughter back in 1971.

  • Mignonette

Although the name is not immediately recognized as a color name, it is also a variant of tree, lettuce, vine, sauce, and lace. Take note that it is a greyish-green color. Additionally, it takes the already feminine French Mignon with a frillier touch.

  • Olive

The English name means “olive tree”. Although the name was dominated by the fashionable Olivia, it has a pleasant, delicate appeal of its own and now enjoying a revival.

Olive has positive links with the olive branch as a sign of peace and the ancient olive wreath that commemorated success. The name became popular at the end of the 19th century together with other botanical names.

  • Irving

The name has a Scottish origin which means “green river, sea friend”.

It might come as a surprise to know that the name originated as a Scottish place and surname. The name was a popular choice for the first-generation Jewish-American boys.

Irving was included in the list of “Top 100” names during World War I. Although it might no longer be possible for the name to reach the same heights, some hipster parents have chosen the name for their child.

  • Midori

The name Midori has a Japanese origin which means “green”. As one of the Japanese names meaning green, this is a recommended choice.  In Japan, the color name symbolizes human qualities such as fame.

  • Peridot

The name has an Arabic origin which means “a green gemstone”. It is important to note that Peridot is the gem of August. It can be described as a vibrant green mineral that helps aid one in putting the past behind. In ancient times, it was considered as the symbol of the sun.

It is also a figure in the mythologies of various cultures including ancient Egypt and Roman. It is also highly valued in Hawaii where it is believed to be the tears of the volcano goddess Pele.

If you are in search of a unique gem name, it is best to consider Peridot.

  • Phyllis

The name has a Greek origin which means “green bough”. Phyllis has been the preferred choice by classical poets for the romanticized pastoral maiden. In Greek mythology, it is the name of the woman who was converted into an almond tree.

Phyllis was successful in reaching the “Top 100” list from 1916 up to 1958. It was able to reach the #24 rank in 1929 and it could be included with the revival of “S-ending” names such as Iris.

  • Roscoe

The name is a boy’s name of Norse origin which means “deer forest”.

The name was quite popular a hundred years ago but it is now rarely seen. The eccentric Roscoe name is worthy to gain a place on the list of adventurous baby names. It is part of the selection of R names such as Roman, Rufus, Remy, Ray and Romulus that sound fresh after years of Richard, Robert and Ronald in the mainstream.

Originally a location and a surname, the name has its glory days back in the 1880s when it reached the #138 rank but steadily declined.

  • Silas

Silas is a boy’s name of English/Latin origin which means “wood, forest”.

It is important to note that the name is based on “Silvanus”. The two names were used interchangeably in the Bible. In the New Testament, St. Silas was the prominent member of the early Christian community who escorted Paul on his second missionary trip. Sylvanus was the Roman god of trees and his name was originally given to those who lived in the wooded areas or who worked with wood.

Final thoughts

For a nature-inspired name, you should consider these names that mean green for babies. Depending on your preferences, you will find a unique and truly memorable name for your little one.

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