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10 Most Beautiful and Unique Six Letter Girl Names

Is choosing a unique six-letter girl name for children a tradition in your family? Are you
searching the baby name list to find the perfect six-letter names and
meanings for your baby? If you agree, continue reading this article. The
following are our picks for unique six-letter girl names.

Your explanations for having
a female name 6 letters of a baby may vary. The six maybe a blessed
number or you like to connect the number of letters in your baby’s name to her
birth month. Six letters come between long and short first names.
These unique six-letter girl names are strong, quirky and easy to
pronounce. Besides, most six letter baby names have 2 to 3 syllables which
makes it perfect for single-syllable last name. 

Top 10 Six Letter Names and Meanings: 


Louisa is a charming, classic
name which means ‘renowned warrior’. The bay first name explains that an
old-time name sound occurring when they go with an ‘a’ ending instead of ‘e’.
the most famous holder of the name is Louisa May Alcott. Luisa, Lovisa,
Ludovica, Lu, and Lulu are some of the variations Louisa and Lou make the best


This is amongst the most
beautiful and Victorian unique six-letter girl names. This has become a
royal name because it was the daughter’s names of King George II and King
George III. Amelia is one of the most popular rising names and a trendy alternative
to the overused Emilia and Amanda. In 2011 and 2013, it was the top British
name and included in the top 10 of Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Poland and New


Marina is a gorgeous sea-born
baby girl name. Shakespeare used the first name for the breathtaking effect in
his play ‘Pericles’. It is a nickname for Venus. One of the famous holders of
the name is Marina Abramovic, a Serbian performer. 


Once an outdated name, but
today Vivian is increasing in popularity. It now positioned in #98, the highest
rank since 1950. Vivian is popular in the literature and folklore. It was the
first name of the enchantress in Tennyson’s “Idylls of the King”. Also, Rosie
O’Donnell picked the name Vivienne as a beautiful version of the name Vivian for
her daughter.


One of the unique
six-letter girl names as well as one of the Hyades in Greek mythology is Eudora. The Greek moniker means ‘charitable gift’. The lovely and
harmonious has a great chance of revival. Eudora is the name of the mother of
Princess Tiana in Disney’s “Princess and the Frog.


Chiara is one of the
passionate female name 6 letters, that Italian parents are a fan of using.
The right way to pronounce it is “Kee-aa-rah which means Chiara is ‘light and
bright’. You can also use Keira or Kiara as a great name alternative.


Ramona is another unique
six-letter girl names that can you use for your baby. This is the Spanish
female variation of Ramon. It came into importance because of the beautiful
Native American actress. The name Ramon means ‘wise protector’. Kids will
relate the moniker with Ramona Quimby, a special character in the Beverly
Clearly books.


This female name 6 letters are
a champion in the baby list names kingdom. From 2011 to 2013, Sophia ranked
#1in in the list. It has a luxurious sound and a wonderful meaning. Sophia
attracts a wide number of parents- from the academics to the old to the
modern-day. Quite a few celebrity mothers picked Sophia as their baby’s names.


Helena is a sensitive and
elegant edition of the first name Helen. It has historic references as well.
Helena was the name of Constantine the Great’s mother.


Milena means
“grace,” and the name has its Czech roots. The first name has a
substantial continental charm. Did you know that the real name of famous
actress Mila Kunis is Milena? Yeah, Mila is the best moniker for
this unique six-letter girl names.

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