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20 Month Old Toddler

In the 20 Month, your baby knows how to do more and more things and starts to have strong tastes. Cleanliness and potty also begin to interest them …

At 20 months, your baby is no longer a baby: he/she is more and more autonomous. their language is developing very quickly, and their tastes as well, particularly in terms of food, are asserting themselves. We take note of baby meals, but also their health, weight, and size as well as their learning to walk. Doctors and physicians Zoom on the major phases of baby development at 20 months.

Baby is 20 months old and he/she keeps going through your house … watch out for falls and accidents at home!

Growth, awakening, and development of the 20-month-old baby

20 months
Growth, Awakening, And Development Of The 20-Month-Old Baby

Baby is now 20 months old and their toilet training continues! The use of the pot becomes daily and you put less and fewer layers. It is possible that the Baby has difficulties, he/she is still very young and it is quite normal that he/she is not yet clean.

The health of the baby of 20 months

For some time now, the Baby has surprised you with their agility! He/she walks backward, knows how to turn on a chair and even climb steps. Nevertheless, he/she is not always very skillful in their approach so watch out for falls! Learn how to calm your little one when he/she falls and reassure them. If the fall is violent, do not hesitate to consult a doctor. Watch for your child’s reactions to the incident. At 20 months, the great curiosity of Baby pushes them to explore sometimes dangerous places for them so keep an eye on them at all times.

Baby feeding 20 Months

No big changes in the baby’s diet at 20 months. their tastes are asserting more and more and from the top of their 20 months, he/she does not hesitate to say no to certain foods. It happens that Baby refuses all the vegetables of their plate! 

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The Awakening Of The Baby Of 20 Months

During the 20th month, your baby is more and more autonomous and shows their strong will to do things alone: he/she loves to undress like a grown-up, with the help of an adult and also tries to dress you as well, even if it does not succeed very well. It is important to encourage it in this way. Behaviorally, some children show at this age small anxiety of separation. The main thing is to reassure them: never leave without telling them that you will come back, giving them indications of time that he/she can understand (after the snack for example).

Baby has bad nightmares at bedtime and does not want to sleep anymore

At 20 months old, the baby can start to be anxious to sleep alone. He/she expresses their fears by talking about the wolf, the ghosts. their wardrobe, a lamp, a toy, all these furniture, and objects suddenly become menacing at nightfall. The transition to large bed can also be a difficult time to spend, so it is best to make sure the child feels comfortable in the crib instead of burning the steps and rushing through them so fast,

make sure to take your time. If a baby has a fit or a tantrum to go to bed, it will, of course, reassure them, but also know how to be firm and impose a framework.

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20-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

My Baby Does Not Speak

If your child has started to speak, their language develops very quickly: at this stage, he/she can learn about twenty new words a day. Feel free to encourage them, by talking to them as much as possible, by reading small stories … If at 20 months, however, your child still does not speak, the pediatrician will make sure he/she has a good understanding and that he/she is able to execute simple orders. If this is not the case, the doctor will be particularly vigilant and may initiate further investigations. Do not hesitate to speak to him if you have doubts.

20 months
My Baby Does Not Speak

Should I Worry If My Baby Does Not Move?

If at 20 months your child is not moving yet, the pediatrician will certainly trigger a series of appointments with several specialists (neurologist and psychomotor) to verify that something does not prevent their proper healthy development. Maybe he or she just scared to get started, but you have to make sure to get things done quickly. And fast and correctly to simply avoid possible future serious problems. 

What games Are Best For a Baby Of 20 Months?

At 20 months, your child is more and more interested in manual activities: he/she likes to color, to scribble … He/she also begins to draw straight lines. He/she begins to take a close interest in their own body: he/she knows how to name several parts of their body, such as hands, legs, arms, belly, hair … It also begins to explore their genitals and to differentiate between the sexes, including whether he/she is a boy or a girl. 

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The baby’s health of 20 months

At 20 months, your child receives a so-called compulsory medical examination (it is reimbursed by Social Security, the percentage differs). It allows to control the good growth of your child, but also to speak of the possible problems which you could meet: food, sleep … Take advantage!

What Weight At 20 Months?

If your baby is a boy, at 20 months, he measures 84 cm on average and weighs between 11 and 12 kg.

If it’s a girl, it measures on average between 82 and 83 cm and weighs between 10 and 11 kg.

Baby Feeding At 20 Months

Your child begins to show you their food preferences. their tastes are asserting themselves, and he/she could begin to refuse the vegetables, and the new foods that you present them. Persevere and continue to offer them anyway these foods: food neophobia is a transitional period. their food balance is at stake.

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