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Vegetable Recipes for Your Little One

There is so much confusion and indecisive situation when it comes to the health and diet of the babies. It can be hard at times because we never know what are the taste preferences of our babies. However, the one thing that is agreed by everyone is that eating vegetables can help improve both the health and well-being of the babies.  It’s very fulfilling to put up healthy meals for your little one using fresh vegetables on your own. In fact, doctors generally advise to add up the vegetable to your baby’s diet. And it is recommended to start with green veggies.

Rather than buying readymade foods in the store, you can opt to choose the safest and healthiest food for them buy doing it on your own. If you try this, you may know exactly what the babies like or dislike. You can also save more pennies since readymade foods tend to be more expensive than the ones you made at home.  Take time to read this article to finally get tips and guidelines on how to prepare vegetable recipes for your little one.

Right vegetables for babies at 6 months

When a baby actually reaches his or her 6th month, they are already entitled to eat solid foods. Breastmilk or formula milk still continues until they are about a year old. But, it is always better to level up the nutrients that your baby gets. And that is, feeding them with the right vegetables.

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Vegetables are advisable to be eaten daily from 6 months of age. If they are hard to be fed, don’t easily give up because we all know that vegetables can be very awful at times. It takes 8-15 tries before the baby is ready to accept its new taste. It’s a matter of making and cooking it better, and surely, your child would just can’t get enough.

Preparation of vegetables for your baby

Vegetable purees are a great way to present vegetables in a baby’s diet. Also, it is easy to make at home rather than buying expensive store-bought vegetable purees. Take a look at the tips on how to prepare vegetables for your baby.

  • Choose the good quality of vegetables and wash them thoroughly.
  • Peel vegetables when necessary, and cut it into strip sized pieces for easy digestion.
  • Let it boil in a small amount of water until it becomes soft. You can also steam if you want.
  • Puree so that vegetables would be free from lumps. You can use a fork instead of a blender.
  • Serve it warm and not hot. Always test if it’s too hot before feeding your baby to avoid the burning of your baby’s mouth. If possible, do not add sugar or salt to maintain its taste as it is.

Points to remember in preparing vegetable recipes for your baby

  • Always wash the vegetables thoroughly before starting every procedure
  • Steaming the vegetable before serving it to your baby is highly recommended to make the nutrients stay
  • Always make sure to serve it fresh and warm
  • If you know that your baby is allergic to a certain vegetable, kindly remove it already
  • Serve the recipe individually before you combine it or mix it with some vegetables

Easy and quick vegetable purees and recipes for your baby

As soon as your baby reaches 6 months, you’ve probably thought about some upgrades to their food and you consider feeding them solids already. For most parents who are deciding when to start serving solid foods is easy, but putting together a recipe for a 6 months old can be very challenging and tough. Here are some of the lists of vegetable recipes to prepare for your baby. The good news is that you can actually do it on your own, in your home.

  • Potato puree

Potato can be an excellent food for your baby. It has a soft consistency, can easily be mashed, and it is considered to be the least allergenic food. Just start it with little quantity as there are some babies whose tummy is sensitive due to gas. Potato is also the best vegetable to combine with some other veggies.

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  • Carrot puree

Four-month-old babies can actually take carrots already. Carrots are a kind of vegetable that is rich in beta-carotene, hence it is a nutritious addition to your baby’s diet.

  • Carrot muffins

You can always add a flavor to your muffins, and carrots may be one. You can put so much carrot content in it and bake it. Surely, your baby is going to love it.

  • Broccoli puree

This kind of vegetable puree is highly advisable for babies from 8 months and up.  Broccoli is healthy and satisfying. It is high in Vitamins A and K. Just like asparagus, this veggie can be hard on a baby’s digestive system. That’s why feeding your baby with Broccolis requires a little older age before introducing it to your baby’s diet.

  • Veggie bread

This recipe is all kinds of good. This bread is absolutely rich in vitamins and minerals as it contains so many nutritious leafy vegetables. Just make sure to serve it little by little to your baby so that they will not be having a hard time to digest it.

  • French beans puree

French beans are a brilliant source of micronutrients, minerals and vitamins like A, B1, B6, and C. These vitamins actually make it a must-have a vegetable for babies. Steaming of the beans gives it a fine and creamy consistency.

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Wrapping up

Ever since we were young, vegetables were being taught to us by our elders as the kind of foods that are healthy. And that is one thing we want our kids to now one day. We can never hear a single word or disadvantage of vegetables, except for those people who are sensitive in eating these. However, it doesn’t always apply to everybody. Eating vegetables provide health benefits. People who eat more vegetables as part of their diet are likely to live a healthy life and avoid health risks.

 When it comes to feeding your baby, always make sure that what you are feeding them is actually fresh and clean. It is always better to let them love vegetables when they’re young so that their bodies would get used to it. In the end, it’s always the nutrients that would matter and we want everything that is best for our child.

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