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19 Month Old Toddler

The baby begins its 19th month … And it is not necessarily a period of rest! Now that he/she has spent a year and a half, he/she is clamoring for their autonomy. Doctors often will give you a piece of advice on the baby’s evolution this month. The baby is now 19 months old and he/she is more and more comfortable to move! 

Growth, awakening, and development of the 19-Month-old baby

Growth, Awakening and Development of the 19-month-old Baby
Growth, Awakening, and Development of the 19-month-old Baby

The 19th month of the baby is synonymous with freedom for them! He/she feels like they can go where they want without the help of anyone. Climb steps, on a chair and even walk backward… The movements have no secrets for him, they are no longer a baby, but a big boy/girl! He/she knows what he/she wants and does not hesitate to let you know. the baby is curious and spends time exploring the family home. On the other hand, the big rages are installed since the 18th month … if the Baby does not have what he/she wants, it piques a crisis. Explain to your child now that his/her fits of nerves are not the solution so that he/she does not take it as a bad habit.

Even if your baby wants to play the great explorer, he/she always needs to know that you are not far away. You often risk seeing them arrive panicked in the kitchen, go looking for you for long minutes.

At 19 months, Baby’s language keeps getting better. Speak normally, to enrich their vocabulary


Your 19-month-old baby continues to assert themselves: they manifest themselves loudly when he/she does not agree with you, when he/she wants something, or when he/she is not happy. He/she is also more and more autonomous, both for moving and eating. This is the moment to encourage this autonomy, always under the surveillance of course! 19 months, it is also the moment to teach them cleanliness, to reassure them if he/she makes nocturnal terrors and to accompany them in their apprenticeships. 

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The awakening of the baby of 19 months

Your 19-month-old baby is now very comfortable with their body: he /she moves around the house without any problem. Some children are even great adventurers and do not hesitate to launch themselves on the stairs. Be sure to always keep an eye on them as he/she is not yet aware of the risks he/she incurs. Also, enjoy every moment to encourage them to speak and develop their vocabulary: read them little stories in the evening, talk to them as much as possible by showing them objects, animals … they will be very interested.


At 18 Months, the baby must know how to walk

At the end of the 18th month, all children must know how to walk. Each child has a different motor path, but if your baby is not working yet at 18 months, the pediatrician will refer them to several specialists (neurologist, psychomotor) to check that nothing prevents their development. He/she may also pass a pelvic radio to eliminate dysplasia.

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My baby is having night terrors

My baby is having night terrors
My Baby Is Having Night Terrors

The night terrors take place in the first part of the night (until midnight) when the child is in deep sleep. It will then be blocked between awakening and nightmare, crying with tears in a great state of agitation very difficult to calm down. These nocturnal terrors are often linked to the child’s tiredness and often occur after an intense day, without a nap or when the child has been very stimulated. For his comfort, the idea is to try not to upset their pace by trying to maintain a nap in the afternoon. If the nights are very hectic, you can try herbal medicine that gets good results. When the child is in crisis, you have the choice to wake him or to try to reassure him by staying close to him. Be careful, however, because night terrors can evolve into sleepwalking. 

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Their character? More and more curious!

Your child is also more and more curious: he/she wants to explore their whole environment, touch and return everything he/she finds. Be careful not to leave dangerous objects within easy reach. For a few weeks, he/she has only the “no” in their mouth? This is a perfectly normal stage. It also continues, regularly, to sting big rages. Explain to them that he/she has the right to disagree and manifest it, but show them that he/she also has other ways to express themselves, for example by using the word.

19-month-old sleep schedule

19-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
19-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Cleanliness: it’s time to familiarize them with the potty

The cleanliness aside, everything depends on children. Some people at this age are very interested in the pot. If this is not the case, do not panic: each child grows at their own pace, the most important thing is not to rush them. The entrance to the school is not yet for now! Why not take advantage of summer and good days to start learning to clean? 

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What games for a 19-month-old baby?

At 19 months, the baby loves to play outside, climb, toboggan. He/she also begins to enjoy small games of concentration or even board games like dominoes. 

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Baby’s health at 19 months

Your 19-month-old baby had to receive MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine in recent weeks. If necessary, check with the help of your doctor, that it has been realized and noted in their health record.

Height and weight

If your baby is a boy, at 19 months old, he measures an average of 83 cm and weighs between 11 and 12 kg.

If it’s a girl, it measures on average between 81 and 82 cm and weighs between 10 and 11 kg.

My baby has a stuffy nose

At this age, it is still difficult to determine if ENT symptoms may be indicative of an allergy. Most of the time at this age, it is still difficult to determine if ENT symptoms may be indicative of an allergy. Most often it is simply a cold that lags in length. Wash your baby’s nose as often as possible, and always wipe it out on awakening to help clear the mucus of the night.

The feeding of the baby of 19 months

Your baby is now doing very well with their spoon, fork, and glass. From time to time, he/she begins to eat with their hands again or to put them everywhere. This is not a reason to annoy you: just remind them that he/she has cutlery and that it is better to use it. 

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19-Month-old feeding schedule

19-Month-Old Feeding Schedule
19-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

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