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21 Month Old Toddler

Already the 21st month! The baby looks more and more like a child: agile, almost clean, independent, voluble, and maybe even a bit capricious! This is normal development at 21 months.

Baby is now 21 months old and it gives you the impression of having more and more difficulty falling asleep, and your baby might have also some sleeping troubles.

Growth, awakening, and development of the 21-month-old baby

Baby has reached his 21st month and his memory is more and more powerful. Indeed, he/she is now able to memorize a series of three short orders without getting tangled with the brushes. On the other hand, he/she is able to associate with his present events a few hours old. Proof of his greatest memory: he/she keeps repeating what you tell him!.

Baby feeding


At 21 months, your child is more and more independent, and he/she lets you know. He/she absolutely wants to do things alone, like a big one: an attitude to encourage, while having an eye on him constantly to avoid the risk of accidents! What are the different stages of your child’s development at 21 months? Learn more now to best support your baby this month!

Your child has her or his little habits at the table: he/she likes to eat the same dishes, at the same time, on the same plate … Do not thwart him, but try to vary his diet every day by offering different foods, and cooking them in different ways. Respect his appetite, and do not force him to finish his plate when he does not want to: some days, he/she is more hungry than others, just like you! 

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The awakening of the 21-month-old baby

Your 21-month-old is becoming more agile with his body. He /she now knows how to climb the stairs alone, but always under the supervision of an adult of course, and begins to want to go down like you, while standing. He/she also perfectly controls his/her actions: he/she knows how to throw a ball over his shoulder, or shoot in it. He/she wants to do things alone, in their own way. When he/she is prevented from doing so, he/she stings anger. Make them understand that some things are not negotiable, like giving your hand in the street because it’s about their safety. On the other hand, for other things, such as choosing yogurt or a jam flavor, it is also important to let them express their opinion and listen to him.

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Learning to walk

At 18 months, most children walk. If this is not the case for your child at 21 months, your pediatrician will refer you to a neurologist and a psychomotor to make a balance sheet and determine what prevents it from launching. If your doctor has already detected a slight delay in other acquisitions (language, overall development, interactions with the environment) during previous appointments, this support has probably already started. 

Baby does not want to sleep anymore

21 months is the age of all discoveries but also the age of opposition! Sunsets and nights can become a bit difficult. Baby resists, he/she cries, gets up, calls you multiple times. If he/she just went to bed big, be reassured, this phase is transient. This is a big change for the child, he/she may need time to get used to it.

Be that as it may, show yourself as firm as possible while remaining benevolent. There is no point in shouting, it could aggravate the situation. He/she must understand that he/she does not decide. Be attentive at your own pace, a child who goes to bed too late, exhausted, may have trouble getting to sleep. The same thing for the nap, if your child needs it, try not to create a surprise. Do not forget to continue to sleep at fixed times: a child who knows what to expect every day opposes less resistance.

21-Month-old sleep schedule


Language Acquisition

The baby’s language is refined, he/she begins to pronounce his first short and simple sentences. He/she can also recognize and name objects on his little books: a cat, a cake, a house … At this age, some children already speak very well, others take their time. Try not to compare your child with other peers, each moving at their own pace.

What toys are best for a 21-month-old baby?

Side toys, he/she loves building games, bricks … and all imitation games (play the merchant, play doctor …). He/she likes to participate in the daily life and the life of the house: do not hesitate to ask them to set the table, store their toys, put their dirty things in the laundry basket … He/she likes also a lot of moving and emptying furniture. 

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Best cooking for children: models all tastes

Girl or boy, children can play concocts good food in a kitchen to their size with all the necessary accessories. Our selection of models for all tastes: colors, dimensions, style, equipment.

21-month-old feeding schedule

21-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

The health of the baby at 21 months

If your baby is a boy, at 21 months old, it measures on average 85 cm and weighs between 11 and 12 kg.

If it is a girl, it measures on average between 83 and 84 cm and weighs between 10 and 11 kg approximately.

Autism and diagnosis

There is no particular health appointment at 21 months, but it is often around this age that autism, or an autism spectrum disorder, will be diagnosed. The pediatrician will be particularly attentive to several signs, the first being a regression in acquisitions. A child who was developing quite normally is going to quite normally will gradually backtrack. A very shy, introverted child, who is not in communication or language, flees the visual exchange, has stereotypical gestures or repetitive games, all this will arouse the suspicions of the doctor. The child may simply be out of step and careful monitoring for the next 6 months will determine it. But do not wait to start care, the balance must be programmed quickly. You know your baby better than anyone so trust yourself if you have doubts and express them quickly to your child’s pediatrician.

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