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22 Month Old Toddler

The 22-month-old toddler, your baby asserts his personality, his reasoning and his ability to do things alone, like dressing or imitating you! Advice from Doctors are ought to be followed by the letter, we also recommended the following:

At 22 months, your child keeps talking. He/ she formulates increasingly complex sentences and thoughts. He/she also likes to do things by himself, but still needs you so much, especially to reassure him of new things, which can sometimes scare him/ her away. Your child may be afraid of certain things or new people: take into account his little fears, do not make fun of him/her and be at his side to reassure him/her. Discover the advice and recommendations of doctors for a baby in great shape!

Baby is celebrating this month their 22 months and he/ she keeps talking! And yes, he/ she now has a dozen words in their vocabulary and even begins to make short sentences.

Growth, awakening, and development of the 12-month-old baby

Growth, Awakening and Development of The 12-Month-Old Baby
Growth, Awakening, And Development Of The 12-Month-Old Baby

At the height of 22 months, Baby loves to talk! He/she understands better and better what you are telling him and he/she even starts to incorporate some rules of politeness. Take advantage of this period to communicate with him. So be careful with your language, you are the model of Baby and he/she does everything like you. On the other hand, Baby loves to dance and is more and more sensitive to melodies. Do not hesitate to introduce your child to the joys of music, preferably at the start of the 12 months

Finally, the baby loves to dress alone. Even if he/she is not yet very adroit, let him or her try, that’s how he/she will learn. Of course, always keep an eye on your little one who loves to discover new things.

22-month-old baby feeding

This month, you see that Baby refuses a lot of food once mealtime arrives. by 12 months, he/ she had already gained certain preferences and tends to say “no” to novelties. Encourage him to at least taste the food and even if he/ she eats only a bite of the dish he/she refused, congratulate them. 

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22-Month-old feeding schedule

22-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

22 months of baby’s health

If your child received their MMR vaccine (against measles, mumps, and rubella) at 1 year, the reminder should be between his 13th and 23rd month.

At 22 months, your child is now beginning to know how to dress on his own: he/she is definitely no longer a baby. Perhaps he/she is also ready to sleep in a bed without bars? Do not hesitate to go to bed big especially if you feel that the desire to climb his or her bars itches. This is also the time to offer him or her simple little puzzles: he understood the principle and likes to put the pieces in order. He/she also loves imitation games: he/ /she imitates you when you cook when you vacuum, when you phone … Good ideas of toys to offer!

22-month-old sleep schedule

22-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

The best kitchenettes for children

Here is a timeless game, which pleases both girls and boys. Inwood, metal or plastic, discover our selection of children’s dinettes.

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His psychomotor development

Your 22-month-old child begins to coordinate well. He /she knows how to strike a ball with his foot with all his might. His language, his understanding and his capacity for reasoning are refined: he/she begins for example to understand the notion of opposites (big and small, lean and fat …). He/she also knows how to obey simple orders in two steps: “go get your pajamas” and “make a kiss to dad”, “go get your shoes and bring them to me”. He /she also knows how to set goals, for example taking his little car to the end of the road or putting his shoes alone. His successes enthuse him! But when he fails, he quickly gets angry.

My baby is typing

A baby who types, this is not abnormal! It is even a fairly common attitude, which does not mean that it should be ignored, quite the contrary. Be firm with the child, telling him that he is not allowed to bang, bite or pinch. We must succeed in channeling his overflowing emotions. Sometimes, the child types to mark his territory, because he /she needs to cling to something concrete, which the physical contact allows him. Tell him, for example, that instead of typing, he can caress.

At 22 months, my baby does not walk

It’s about walking as language, each child evolves at his own pace. Some will walk at 10 months, others at 22 months, without this presage of any development problem. Your baby may be afraid to let go or is he slightly hypotonic. If your pediatrician suspects a particular difficulty, he/ she will prescribe a report at a psychomotor and a meeting with a neurologist.

Health, weight, and height at 22 months

If your baby is a boy, at 22 months old, he measures an average of 86 cm and weighs between 11 and 12 kg.

If it is a girl, it measures on average between 84 and 85 cm and weighs about 11 kg.

At 22 months, there is no mandatory health appointment: the next important visit to the pediatrician will be in his 2 years.

Toddler’s food

Your child is asking for sweets, fried foods, chocolate, sodas? Be careful not to give in too often: ok for a few sweet or savory delights from time to time. But be sure to give him fruits and vegetables at every meal. Small sweets, it’s more! And at this age, your child needs to drink water and nothing else during the meal. To encourage him or her to taste new foods, do not hesitate to be imaginative, to vary the recipes and presentations. Eat as a family, all at the table, as often as possible, so that he understands that sharing meals is also a pleasure. Finally, remember that your child still has a small appetite: do not force him to eat too large portions.

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