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23 Tree-inspired Names for Babies

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There’s a trend of naming babies after nature, and if you’re into this, you might consider trees, as there are a lot of cool, beautiful and strong tree names that can also be great baby names.

Here are 23 tree-inspired names for babies:

1. Acer – “Acer” is a genus of trees and shrubs. The common name is “maple”. An example is “Acer palmatum”, more popularly known as Japanese maple, a small tree that typically grows in Japan, China, and Korea.

“Acer” is one of the good outdoorsy baby boy names that are unique and uncommon.

2. Apple – “Apple” is not only the name of the fruit from the apple tree. It is also a cute name for baby girls. Parents who love apples or who are nature-lovers can choose this name for their little girl.

3. Ash – “Ash” is of English origin and is one of the cool tree names that you can give to your baby boy. This name is inspired by the ash tree. If you want a longer baby boy’s name with “Ash”, you can use “Ashton” or “Asher”. Nowadays, “Ash” is also used as a nickname for “Ashley”, a popular girl’s name.

4. Cedar – Cedar trees are ornamental, evergreen trees with distinctive scent. The name “Cedar” can be used as a name for a baby whose parents want to find earthy baby names.

5. Cypress – Cypress trees are aromatic evergreen trees that typically grow in warm and subtropical places. “Cypress” can be a girl’s name.

6. Dara – “Dara” means “oak tree” in the Irish language. It’s one of the girl names that mean “oak”. But while “Dara” is a girl’s name in the U.S. and other countries, it is used as a boy’s name in the country where it originated, Ireland.

7. Elon – Another name that means “oak tree”, “Elon” is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin. Other variations of “Elon” include “Alon”, “Eilon”, “Elan” and “Ilon”.  

8. Euan – This is a Scottish name which means “born of the yew tree”. It is a more unique form of the common English name “John”.

9. Forest – “Forest” boy name itself is inspired by trees. A spelling variation is “Forrest”. It is of French origin.

10. Hazel – Hazel tree is a deciduous tree that often yields delicious nuts. The name “Hazel” can be given to a precious baby girl.

11. Holly – It is a girl’s name that is related to trees. The Holly species are evergreens that grow in tropical and temperate areas.

12. Ilana – It is one of the names that mean “tree” and is of Hebrew origin.

13. Juniper – This name can be given to a baby girl. It is from the juniper tree, a coniferous tree or shrub from the cypress family.

14. Kai – This means “willow tree” in Navajo. “Kai” can be given as a name to a strong baby boy.

15. Karri – This is one of those whimsical nature baby names that are pretty and unique. It is a girl’s name inspired by the Karri tree, an Australian tree known for its rich color.

16. Linden – Linden is another name for “lime tree” and can also be used as a boy’s name.

17. Laurel – The laurel tree is an evergreen tree or shrub cultivated in many regions in the world. It can also be a good nature-inspired name for a baby girl.

18. Lawrence – This name is also inspired by the laurel tree. It is a popular name for boys.

19. Maple – Another outdoor baby name is “Maple”, which may be given to a sweet, cute baby girl.

20. Olive – This is a girl’s name that came from an “olive tree”. A variation is “Olivia”.

21. Oliver – This is one of the male tree names that you can also give to your baby.

22. Perry – This is a boy’s name that might have been derived from the “pear tree”.

23. Willow – “Willow” may be one of the most popular tree names for girls. It’s the name of the daughter of Hollywood royalties, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, and also the name of one of the characters in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect tree-inspired names for babies.

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