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Flower and Plant-themed Baby Names for Boys and Girls!

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Nature-inspired names are a great way to pick a future name for your baby. Nature, plant flower-based names are unique and have an air of sophistication and power compared to the traditional and most commonly known English names that have been used over and over again for centuries.

Nature names also signify a great cultural and symbolic meaning, something soon to be parents look for a name, naming your child can be a tough responsibility to get on but in the end it’s all worth it as the name you choose for your child is the name they will carry with dignity of their identity and self-awareness of them as a whole.

With that said, we know how troubling it is for parents like you to look for the best possible names for your baby, look no more! Because in this article we are looking in nature itself to look for the best magnificent and inspiring baby name for your future baby boy or baby girl!

Also please take note that the top 5 picks from boy and girl names have been thoroughly picked due to their great accentuated pronunciation and deep meanings.

Some of the names that are included in this list are nature-based so they may pertain from plants, trees or any kind of natural formations or phenomena that surrounds our natural habitat. Let’s take a look at the best nature new for baby boys and baby girls!

Nature-plant Based Names for Baby Boys


Adair is a powerful Gaelic word that can be traced back in the Old World and Latin civilization. This great name for baby boy literally means “Coming from The Oak Tree Ford”

Adair is a powerful masculine name that signifies great strength and grounded energy. Picking this name will surely have great profound effects on your baby boy.

2. Juniper

If you’re seriously a plant lover and you’re looking for a great botanical name that your baby can have, Juniper is a great choice for you!

Junipers in nature are the coniferous trees and shrubs that live in temperate to Savannah climates, many species of Junipers are found scattered within the Northern Hemisphere to the southern part of Africa. Some of the highest Juniper trees are found in the Himalayas creating some of the best high tree line formations on this planet.

Juniper in its etymology and name personality means evergreen, young and abundant. Juniper can be a great name to pick if you want your baby boy to be just as charming and youthful as you are with your teenage years!

3. Sage

Another on our great list of botanical and nature-inspired names is Sage, it is a very known botanical shrub or plant that is known for its great aroma, in fact, sage is used traditionally to as a powerful incense to remove any negativity, bad luck or evil spirits in space making it glorious and divine.

In addition to this, Sage is a great name to pick, Sage literally means ‘the bestowed of Intelligence’ or ‘profoundly wise’. Surely naming your child Sage will make him more intelligent and wise.

4. Alder

Another great baby boy’s name for you to choose from is the name, Alder! Alder is a commonly known tree in many temperate and evergreen countries. Alder trees are strong and sturdy trees and not only that they promiscuously attract many golden and colorful butterflies making it a great tree to add into your garden.

In addition to this Alder trees is the main source of the alder bark which has been known to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-cancer properties which can cure a lot of illnesses such as skin rashes, poison ivy, and allergy.

5. Huckleberry

This baby boy name of American origin is a popular botanical name, this name is a term used to the relatively smaller regional blueberries found in The United States. This great botanical name also has a diminutive name form “Huck” which is used by many parents in naming their babies.

Nature-plant Based Names for Baby Girls

1. Flora

Flora is a classical botanical name for baby girls. The name Flora is from the Latin language which literally means “Flower” in English.

Flora is a beautiful middle name for baby girls, this name denotes a feminine sweet allure that can be seen in the tone of the name, with that said this name remains the best pick on our list!

2. Acacia

The second pick on our list is the magnificent name Acacia, Acacia is an elegant, beautiful and opulent baby girl name, Acacia is a beautiful shrub with yellow or white blossom petals.

Acacia also is a plant that embodies great spirituality and oneness with the divine. Acacia also symbolizes the infinity, immortality that is brought by death and resurrection brought by life.

3. Blossom

Blossom is a skyrocketing baby girl name due to its popular culture references from the very beautiful It girl of the popular series Riverdale classic’s Cheryl Blossom to the sweet little cherub Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls, this name can be a great floral name to add to your choice. It sounds very invigorating and refreshing.

The name Blossom literally means “to bloom”, this very beautiful name has great feminine energy to it that it often allures many people to it, this name is a good name to try.

4. Camellia

These very pale, creamy and aromatic roses found in nature is cultivated by almost every culture and country on this planet due to its fragrance and beautiful visual appeal. The name also sounds very beautiful, elegant and pleasing.

Camellia is also a popular botanical name for the past decade and will continue to do so due to the factors said above. After all, the name certainly sounds tasteful and pleasing, isn’t it?

5. Primrose

The last on our list will certainly have to do something with roses. After all, roses are beautiful and known for their symbol of passion and love.

Primrose is a great name for your baby girl, it is classic, elegant with a dainty touch. Primrose is a shortened diminutive form of the Latin phrase prima rose, which literally means ” The first of rose”.

Due to that, it is a very opulent name to give to your baby girl, it is classic timely and doesn’t get me started with the pop culture references of the name primrose from the Hunger Games book and movie franchise up to the very dramatic British romantic novels. Primrose is a great name to add. If you haven’t found the perfect name for your baby you can check out other great inspiring names in the link below.

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