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Healthy Parenting: Different Types of Parenting Styles to Raise your Child

Healthy Parenting: Different Types of Parenting Styles to Raise your Child

What is the best thing about being a parent? Is it having your loving and caring children? Or is it seeing the excellent result on how you deal with the behavior problems in children? Whatever your reason is, one of the best things about being a parent is having a variation in disciplining and raising our child using the different types of parenting styles.

All about parenting

Every parent has different types of parenting styles to discipline their children. But most of the time, parents have commonalities in nurturing their children. Your parenting styles have a significant effect on your children on how they feel about themselves. You have to make sure that no matter how hard it is to deal with the challenges parents face today, your style should be accurate and healthy for their development. Keep in mind that the way you discipline and interact with them will play a great impact and significant role for the rest of their lives. 

Here are the different parenting styles that we can use in parenting in today’s world.  

  • Authoritative parenting 

If you are one of those parents who have a higher expectation of your children’s achievement and maturity, then you are using authoritative parenting. Authoritative parenting usually uses different rules along with different consequences, but they also make sure that their children’s opinion is included in it. The authoritative parenting effects on children are having more tendency to have higher discipline and think for themselves. This nurturing type of parenting is considered the most beneficial, among others. 

  • Permissive parenting 

Permissive parents are those types of parents that we wished we had. Raising children in today’s world is not easy; we need to implement a strict discipline. But this type of parenting is the opposite of strict discipline. They are the type of parents who prefer to be “friends than parents” way of correcting their children. They set no limitations or no rules. Permissive parenting let their children discover their own problems and mistakes. This parenting style is warming and nurturing. The parents want to have communication with their children, but they let their children decide on whatever decision they want to take rather than giving them direction. 

  • Authoritarian parenting 

Are you familiar with these words, “because I said so”? Well, this is the famous line where the authoritarian parents are renowned. They are the type of dictatorial parents. Authoritarian parents believe that this is the best parenting style to use in dealing with different types of behavioral problems. This is said to be less nurturing, and communication is only one way, which means from parents to their children and punishment is very common. 

  • Uninvolved parenting 

There are lots of parenting issues today, so parents are having a hard time on what parenting style to use in dealing with common behavioral problems in children. Among the different types of parenting styles, some parents prefer to use the uninvolved parenting style as their method of parenting in today’s society. In this type of parenting, parents are said to be neglectful but unintentional. Unintentional in a way that sometimes this type of parent is having mental or emotional issues, that’s why they are not able to take care of their child’s needs. They are usually uninvolved with their children’s lives, and they let their children have a lot of freedom, and they prefer to stay out of their children’s way. Children with this type of parents receive little guidance and attention. 

Which parenting style is the best in dealing with behavior problems in preschoolers? 

Among the different types of parenting styles, the authoritative parenting style is considered as the most effective style in dealing with the list of behavior issues among children. This kind of parenting style is not only about achieving academic aspects or school achievement but also about being successful in other areas of life. 

Healthy parenting 

As parents, our children are our source of happiness. But there are times in our lives when they are also the cause of our stress and heartaches. In this case, we must be knowledgeable about healthy parenting. This healthy parenting can help every family to have a strong relationship and create a harmonious relationship with each other. The children can feel the security, love, and affection through healthy parenting. In addition to this, it promotes positivity inside your home. 

Parenting style and its impact 

Different types of parenting styles have different effects on children. If you are an authoritarian parent, your children have a higher tendency to become more obedient and skillful, but they are not really happy, and they have lower self-confidence. If you choose to become an authoritative parent, there is a higher chance that your children will become successful in the future, and they are more likely to become happy and capable of what they are doing. Permissive parents have been said to have children who have a higher tendency of having poor performance in school. Also, permissive parenting has a higher risk of having children who are experiencing problems with authority. If your style is uninvolved parenting, your children are said to have the lowest self-esteem, control, and they are less competent in any areas of their lives. 

Parenting on purpose

As parents, we want nothing but the best for them. We exert time and effort to give them the best parenting style that can help them for their growth and development. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to think of the best ways on how we can adequately discipline them. We encountered a lot of challenges from time to time, but we need to keep going to give them a bright future. We want to be a contributor to their success in every aspect of their lives.

You can be the best parent for your child if you do it with dedication and commitment. A positive relationship can be possible between you and your children if you can implement your choice between the different types of parenting styles correctly and in a healthy manner. Rest assured that your children will reap all your hard work and the benefits of the parenting style, appropriate for them. 

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