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Ways on How to Prevent Tearing During Labor

Ways on How to Prevent Tearing During Labor

Pregnancy is the most rewarding moment for every mother and yet this could also be a life-threatening time for them. You cannot deny that there could be a lot of complications when they are in labor and they are ready for delivering the baby. You can easily say that the pain that their feelings might go away sooner or later, but nothing could ever compare the experience they’ve been through from the laboring process. There could be possible ways to relieve labor pain. 

During these times, it can be possible that they can encounter tearing during labor. Vaginal tearing during childbirth of tearing during labor can also be referred to as perineal lacerations. From the name itself, it is scary to happen after all. This occurs when the baby’s head is coming throughout the vaginal opening of the woman and it is quite wide and large for the size of the vagina.

As a result, the vagina is stretched out around. It doesn’t stretch out easily. Thus, the vagina is tearing apart and there could be a lot of treatment needed for it to heal. Yes, we know. You can now say to your wife and your mother’s that they are indeed a superhero who’s ready to give out everything for you. So for those first-time mommies and about the give birth in the coming days or weeks. We’ve got some advice on how to prevent tearing during labor.

Ways on how to prevent tearing during labor

We know that you may have a lot of questions in mind. How to prevent tearing during labor and delivery, what are the best birthing positions to prevent tearing, Is it even possible or likelihood of tearing during second birth? Could there be also internal tearing during childbirth? We’ll try to answer everything else from all of those questions. And so here are the ways!

Epi-No procedure

Epi no birth trainer. An inflatable object will be inserted into the vagina as it helps stretches your perineum before you came on your delivery date. This procedure may be odd, but it helped a lot of women kept their perineum intact and close. The balloon-like feeling inside your body and vagina may not be sensational at all matters. But if you try to consider this to feel less pain in the future. Then, you should already consider this thing up. 

Perineal massage

Does perineal massage help prevent tearing? The answer is Yes. Perineal massage helps prevent tearing during labor and reduce the chances of you tearing up during delivery. Try using some essential oils for birthing. Like perineal massage oil, olive oil. Did you know that coconut oil in perineum stitches can be applied too? To proceed with this, ask for your partner’s assistance. Perineum or perineal massage by the partner is one of the ways you can survive this if you cannot do the necessary procedure and place your thumb shallowly into the area of the vagina. Press the perineal down towards the bowel and both sides until you are already feeling the stretching sensation. Maintain the pressure for a minute. 

It’s a big no to lie down

The baby’s position in the mother’s womb plays an important role in the Labor situation. Birthing positions too can prevent tearing during labor and delivery. Search for the best spot and position on how you will deliver properly. It is said that delivering on your knees and hands is one of the best positions. Lying on your back will just reduce the size of your pelvis and will not even have the natural effect of gravity.  

In summary

Make sure to read some tips for normal delivery without stitches so you can avoid any of the unnecessary things that you don’t want to experience. There are different types of pregnancy pain, and it is inevitable during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Remember to be ready and keep calm, always look into the brighter side of seeing a blessing, which is your baby. So beit!

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