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33 Month Old Toddler

In the 33 Month, the toddler keeps asking a lot of questions, to which you do not always know what to answer.

Awakening growth and development of the 33-month-old baby

Prepare yourself, at the height of his 33 months, your little one will perhaps soon ask you the much-feared question: “mom, how do we make babies?” Your dog, very curious, does not stop asking you questions and sometimes you do not know how to answer him. Take the time to explain things to him, without, of course, going into too much detail.

On the other hand, your baby continues his learning of the language and begins to assimilate some small big words. Nothing serious, it is of course not yet fierce insults, but rather small words to avoid, avoid society such as “poo” or “pee”. They will also laugh a lot and he will not hesitate to repeat them again and again.

33-month-old baby’s diet

Although the baby now has all of a great, he still has great needs in calcium and milk. The milk also provides him with the iron he needs, supplemented by the meat. For essential fatty acids, very important in the baby’s diet, consider cooking with vegetable oils. Calcium intake can be supplemented with fish, serve twice a week.

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33-month-old feeding schedule

33-month-old baby’s health

To help Baby fight against his insomnia, set up a bedtime ritual to reassure him. Reading a story can calm him down before falling asleep. Of course, avoid scary stories, they might feed the night fears of your baby.

Your child’s third birthday is approaching, and you may find that he is increasingly interested in the mood and behavior of the people around him. For example, he asks you why daddy is angry. Just answer him with this “Daddy is angry because our car is broken”. He will understand that emotions are natural and that it is possible to speak without taboos.

How To Juggle The Moods Of a Toddler?

You have surely noticed that your child is getting to know each other and that his natural temperament (calm, adventurer, reflective or extrovert) is becoming more and more evident. You can encourage him to discover the different facets of his personality but always make sure that whatever his temperament, you love him as he is. For example, you can encourage a shy child to go to other children, but do not make fun of him if he prefers to stay close to you. Respect his way of apprehending the world, it will help him to feel safer.

How To Choose a New Car Seat?

If your toddler is already too big for car seats, you can buy a transformable model as a booster. Find out which is the safest place for your child in the car and make sure to install the seat safely.

Parental Tip: Easy storage with a child.

“To make it easy for my kid’s toys, I always put a large blanket on the floor before it starts to release all their treasures. When they finish playing, just close the cover and you’re done! ”

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Tip for this month

A little hassle with learning the potty: what to do if your toddler starts having accidents again and how to help him to stop sleeping at night?

Have upheavals occurred recently in his life? For example, a move, the arrival of a little brother or sister, or a new room?

Sometimes children who have many other things to think about simply forget to go to the pot or the toilet. You can start by gently reminding him, and encourage him. Help her to trust her, reassure her: you know she will be clean again very quickly. If accidents happen often, you have trouble managing the situation calmly: putting back diapers can be an extra solution. It is not necessary for your child to take this step back as a punishment, tell him it is temporary.

Explain to him also that he will very soon become clean again, that he will not put more diapers so that he is not too “happy” to hand over!

33-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

33-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
33-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

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How And When To Give Up The Night Diapers Of Toddlers?

How and when to give up the night diapers of toddlers?

Most children take longer to be clean at night than during the day.

Once your toddler has really gained daytime cleanliness, you can try not to put a diaper on at night, explaining what you do. Remind him that he should not pee while sleeping.

Some parents wait until the diaper is dry or just a little wet in the morning. However, it is possible to remove the layer before this step.

Knowing that he has no diapers can make a difference. Remember to put a pad under his fitted sheet to protect the mattress. You can also buy a lot of disposable pads made from an absorbent material similar to diapers. It’s very useful!

Before going to bed, your child needs to pee. He must also be able to get up and go to the bathroom alone in the night or early morning. Think of installing a small night light to make it easier for him.

When you wake up, tell him to go to the bathroom, even if he has already pee in the night. If it is dry, congratulate it. But do not expect it to work the first time!

Not all children are mature enough at the age of three.

Many young people, three years old, always need a bed at night. Think about using learning layers: although they are often more expensive than regular ones, they are easy to use and encourage independence.

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What Does The Law Say About Car Seats For Babies?

Children under 3 years: until their third birthday, your baby or toddler must be installed in a seat or a basket adapted to its weight. Whatever the vehicle (tourism, trucks, and others), whether front or rear. If you cannot install your child under these conditions (for example, if the vehicle does not have seatbelts to attach the seat to or additional seats), then it cannot travel in this vehicle.

The new regulations (2006) strictly prohibit the installation of “back-to-road” car seats at the front of the vehicle except if the passenger airbag is deactivated.

Install your child on the front passenger seat facing the road only after checking that the airbag poses no risk. Referring to the operator’s manual (or by asking the manufacturer), check the inflating depth of the airbag. Always move the passenger seat as far back as possible from the dashboard.

Only install your child in these conditions if you really have no other choice.

Children over 3 years old: As long as they are not taller than 1.35 m or younger than 12 years old, your child must use a car seat or booster seat adapted to their height. It is illegal and above all very dangerous to install a child under 1.35 m or under 12 years old on a seat with only the seatbelt.

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Are There Car Seat Exceptions?

Children under the age of 3: The only exception to the law is for taxis: if you are traveling in the back of a taxi, and you do not have a car seat with you, your baby or toddler may travel without a seat belt or suitable restraint.

Children over 3 years old: There are only three exceptions to the law that allow children under 12 years of age or 1.35 meters to travel only with an adult seatbelt:

By taxi, when no car seat is provided.

When you have to carry 3 children but you can only install two car seats in the back of the vehicle. In this case, the third child, preferably the largest child, can use an adult seat belt, ideally in the back, if not in the front.

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