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34 Month Old Toddler

By asking questions, your 34-month-old baby will quickly realize that you have no answer to everything, how a 34-month-old toddler grows and develops?

Awakening, growth, and development of the 34-month-old Baby

At 34 months, Baby is now able to remember several songs and even sing them. He loves to pick up his favorite tracks and mime them in front of the whole family. Do not hesitate to sing with him and encourage him in this way. He also continues to ask you a lot of questions and even starts bouncing on your answers. For example, if he asks what color is his toy and you answer him blue, he may ask you why his toy is blue, and so on. It will be difficult for you to have an answer to everything. Your baby will understand that mom and dad do not know everything. This is a very important step in its development.

34-month-old baby’s diet

Now that baby is eating with you, you tend to serve him the same dishes as the rest of the family. However, be careful and keep in mind that before age 5, your little one must avoid eating certain foods. Among these foods: peanuts. A precaution to take seriously, the risk of peanut allergy is quite important in young children.

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34-month-old feeding schedule

34-Month-Old Feeding Schedule
34-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

34-month-old baby’s health

Baby is becoming cleaner, and at the height of 34 months, it is easier to stay clean using the pot during the day. On the other hand, he struggles to control himself at night and still needs his diapers. Of course, these are just statistics. If your baby is not clean the day, do not worry, it will come with time.

As children grow older, they become more sociable. Your toddler begins to consider his playmates as friends, and he learns that small touches, like sharing or giving, are part of the friendship. Imagination-based games are also interesting now. Many children, especially single children, invent imaginary friends between the ages of 30 and 36 months (Toddler Month 34). These unreal companions bring comfort to them and are held responsible for the nonsense they would like not to have committed. Most of the time, imaginary friends disappear when children reach the age of six.

A little assistant at our side

A little Assistant at Our Side
A little Assistant at Our Side

It is often said that at age 2, children are terrible, but we forget that children of this age also love to help at home. They want to get involved in the world around them and admire you. They love to help set the table, bend clothes or put away toys. This is the perfect time to give your child good habits. Do not forget to thank him for his behavior with kisses and hugs.

Parental tip: give your child good eating habits.

“My daughter was very difficult at the table until I made the effort to involve her in the preparation of meals. Now she’s eating well, but only if she helped make the meal! ”

Homeopathy for baby: what treatment for what problem?

Faced with a runny nose, restless nights, cough fat or dry, problems with constipation or colic, some parents prefer to opt for a soft medicine like homeopathy.

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Homeopathy For Baby: When And How To Use It?

Homeopathy can be used to deal with different kinds of disorders. “For an acute problem such as an infection, for example, it is necessary to give very quickly the homeopathic treatment, explains Véronique Desfontaines, homeopath. Usually, 4 to 6 times a day for 2 or 3 days, then we space the catches as soon as we see an improvement. On the other hand, in the case of self-medication, it is better to consult the doctor if there is no improvement after 48 hours. It all depends on the ills of your boutchou. But in any case, be careful and consult your pediatrician.

Homeopathy for baby: what to do in case of cough?

Homeopathic treatment for coughs depends on the type of cough that baby presents.

– In case of dry cough, “If a baby has coughing fits, especially in the evening, it is prescribed drosera” says our expert. Yet on another side, “if he is affected by the dry cough that causes suffocating, the intake of cuprum metallicum will be advised”.

– In the case of fat cough: again, it all depends on the baby’s symptoms. “If your child has a cough with vomiting, which may be related to asthma or an allergy, prescribe ipecac. For a heavy cough with congestion and vomiting of mucus, we propose “explains Véronique Desfontaines.

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Homeopathy in baby: what to do in case of a runny nose?

As with coughing, the treatment of a runny nose depends on the symptoms presented by the baby. “In the event of clear nasal discharge, Allium cepa is prescribed. For a purulent nasal discharge, we prefer kaliumbichromicum “explains our expert.

Homeopathy in baby: what to do in case of toothache?

During his early years, your little one may suffer many times because of the appearance of his small teeth. “If your baby is the screaming cause of his dental pain and actually calms down when he’s rocked, chamomile would be prescribed,” said Véronique Desfontaines.

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Homeopathy in baby: what to do in case of colic?

To find the ideal homeopathic treatment for babies, it is first necessary to study the symptoms related to so-called colics. “If the baby is relieved when lying on his stomach, colocynthis is usually prescribed. In cases of very severe colic and spasm accompanied by hiccups, cuprum metallicum is preferred, “says our expert.

Homeopathy In Baby: what to Do in case of constipation?

“If your baby has a lazy bowel and hard or dry stools, we can combine alumina and Bryonia,” explains Véronique Desfontaines.

Homeopathy in baby: what to do to soothe his sleep?

To help your baby get peaceful and restful nights, you first need to understand his problems with falling asleep. “If baby sleep disturbances are related to fear of darkness or nightmares, then stramonium is prescribed. If the baby is upset, we prefer to prescribe coffee. Finally, if your child is grumpy because of the pain related to dental flares, we favor chamomilla.

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34-month-old sleep schedule

34-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
34-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Homeopathy in baby: what to do if the baby is restless?

Once again, before knowing which treatment to use, one must first determine the causes of the agitation. If your child is agitated because of his dental surges, for example, chamomilla will do the trick. On the other hand, if the baby is impatient, grumpy or even choleric, then we can prescribe nux vomica. For a restless and impatient baby, medorrhinum will be preferred.

Homeopathy in baby: which dosage for which treatment?

According to all doctors “for physical problems, it is preferred to dilute in 5 CH, and 5 granules per dose. For more behavioral problems, such as sleep disorders, 15CH is more appropriate. For example, 5 granules per night for 2 weeks. ”

But as our expert explains, although homeopathy is a soft medicine, “homeopathic treatments are first and foremost drugs”. So avoid playing budding pharmacist and always prefer the advice of your doctor before proposing to baby treatment, whether homeopathic or not.

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