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31 Month Old Toddler

31 Month old toddler is about to celebrate his third birthday and seems to be more and more amusing. 31-month-old toddler though he can’t read yet, he is curious, and he loves to turn the pages of his favorite books.

Awakening, Growth, And Development Of The 31-Month-Old Baby

Awakening, Growth and Development of The 27-Month-Old Baby
Awakening, Growth, And Development Of The 27-Month-Old Baby

Baby is now 31 months old and loves walking and jumping back, he is managing today to remove his shoes. Motor skills, at 31 months, the baby is more adroit and can even handle objects he manages to catch. Do not be surprised if you find in his bedroom stacks of toys that he has piled up himself: this has become his favorite game!

Feeding your 31 months baby

At 31 months, the baby shares his meals at the family table and has a diet now very diverse. Nevertheless, some foods are still banned from his menu, until the age of 5 years. Among them, meats and raw fish. If the family menu of the day is composed of tartare, we prepare for the Baby his own small menu, consisting of meat or fish well cooked. Similarly, the baby will not discover sushi or other Japanese specialties made from raw fish in the immediate future!

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31-Month-old feeding schedule

27-Month-Old Feeding Schedule
27-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

31-Month-old baby’s health

The more the days go by and the more your baby seems to be refined! No mistake, the baby does not lose weight, it’s just his weight is being distributed more and more equally. Continue to monitor your baby’s weight and remember to check the weight curves.

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31-Month-old sleep schedule

27-Month-Old Sleep Schedule
27-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

Your toddler is growing so fast

Your child has better control of his movements. He can now hold small objects in his hands and play with them easily. He also can stack cubes and destroy the tower he has just built. He can also concentrate longer, and he is sometimes absorbed by his stacking and sorting activities and wants you to bother him. Try to make these transitions smoother by warning your child: “You can play another 5 minutes with your cubes, but then it’s dinner time. Warn him several times before he really has to stop his game.

Is it the right time to consider another baby?

If you are thinking about conceiving another baby? Does your age affect your fertility?

Put the odds on your side with a healthy diet to conceive a baby!

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Parenting tip on dealing with a little eater

Stay calm when your child refuses to eat and finish her plate. The child will not like what you eat on their plate. Now, when he/she hangs over the plate, say, “Is it the mother who finishes?” And presto, they will start eating again with an appetite! “.

Is blackmail a good way to teach your toddler cleanliness?

Some parents are a little uncomfortable with the idea of ​​using blackmail to push their children to use the pot. However, rewards often help kids do what they want them to do. If, for example, your child almost always thinks about doing his potty when he plays in his room but forgets all the time when he plays outside: the promise of a reward for staying clean will push him to make the effort to return at home when he feels the urge to go up.

Be careful, a child who just discovers the early stages of potty training often does not have the skills and motivation to become clean just to earn a reward. They work especially when the child needs a “boost” to stimulate his motivation when he is already almost clean.

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Reward and blackmail

Rewards and blackmail work well for some kids, especially those who are almost 3 years old or over 3 years old. They can then be more easily pushed to sit down and use the pot if they are promised a little something. Stickers, sweets or even small gifts give good results if the child is ready to be clean. The reward motivates him and encourages him to call on skills that otherwise would not really interest him.

Parents sometimes begin by offering a reward when the child agrees to sit on the pot. Then, when this step is gained, the reward is given only if the child pee or poop in the pot. And yes, they are clever children: if we promise them a reward too easy to get, they may well run to sit the pot every 20 minutes!.

Other parents use “Honor Rolls” to help their toddlers (and themselves!) Realize progress and success. Stay realistic in your goals of success. If what you ask is too hard, the table could remain desperately empty, your little one may well lose interest. For example, if your child regularly uses the pot but still has a few accidents every day, you could stick a small star in the box of the day for each use of the pot, and a big star for each day without an accident.

Other tips

Sometimes parents use the chart to show the child’s progress over a longer period. A special reward may be offered for a whole week without an accident, for example. Long-term goals work well if you combine them with daily goals. Most young children cannot stay motivated if the eventual reward seems too far away, in days or weeks.

It is also not very effective to ask your child to promise to use the pot. You could instead, tell him or her “If we go to the toy store and I buy you whatever you want, you have to promise that you will go on the pot this afternoon” or “If I let you wear your princess dress without a diaper, you must promise me not to get wet “is often not used much. It is useless to ask such a young child to honor his promise against a reward he wants at this very moment.

A child aged 2 to 3 can understand only what he feels or wants in the present. He can promise anything, but he cannot be expected to keep his promise. He is far too young! Do not punish him if he promises to go on the pot then tells you later that he categorically refuses to go. The word of such a young piece of cabbage has no value!.

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