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The Popular and Best Norwegian Baby Names for Your Little Princess

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The Popular and Best Norwegian Baby Names for Your Little Princess

Have you been to Norway? Norway is known as the land of fords, picturesque towns, trolls, and amazing goods. Moreover, it is also the land of pretty, magical and princess-like Norwegian names for girls which are perfect for your little princess especially when she is born at the land of Norway.

Do you want your little girl to have a unique yet beautiful name? Well, we have listed the most beautiful Norwegian names and the prettiest Norwegian names for your “jentebaby”- the term for a baby girl in Norwegian-you can choose your own best Norwegian names for girls which you can sort to be able to choose the perfect name for your child. 

Best Norwegian Girl Names


Maiken is pronounced as “MIE-KEN” and is one of the best Norwegian names for girls. This name is the Norwegian version of the name Maria that means “a rebellious woman” and is kind of badass and strong. If you want your little princess’s name to sound like a strong, powerful woman, this name is perfect for her. This name can also be added to the Norwegian girl warrior names.


The name Birgit is pronounced as “BEER-GIT” that is also included at the list of the top Norwegian baby names for girls. The name Birgit means “powerful” and “strong” that is perfect for your tough princess. It can also be an alternative name for Maiken which is mentioned earlier and can be given to empower your little one as a strong woman.


Runa is an Old Norse name that is pronounced as “ROO-NA”. This name is included at the list of the traditional Norwegian names for girls which can be mysterious like its meaning. The name Runa means “secret tradition” that is perfect for your baby girl who seems like a mysterious one.


The name Terese is one of the best Norwegian names for girls and is a Scandinavian version of the name Teresa. This name is pronounced as “TE-RES” which is like a princess name for your beautiful princess. 


The list of Norwegian girl names starting with “H” will not be complete with this name-Hella. The name Hella is pronounced as “HE-LA” and it may sound like a cool name for a girl. This name can somehow be perfect for your cool princess who surely has cool parents!


The name Elin may sound like one of the Norwegian goddess names but it is a sweet Scandi version of the name Helen. This name is pronounced as “EH-LIN” that can be perfect for your sweet princess who has a sweet smile. Elin bearers can also be sweet but unique in their own way.


We are sure that you know the Ice Princess, Elsa, right? The name Else sounds like this name and your girl may represent the Norwegian version of this Disney Princess. It may also be one of the Norwegian names meaning ice if we really connote it with Elsa. Amazing, right?


The name Anja is pronounced as “AHN-YAH” and can be one of the best Norwegian names for girls because it means “gracious”. The name Anja can represent your little princess-being a blessing for your family. 


The name Solvi is pronounced as “SAWL-VI”. This name means “from the house of strength” which can also represent your tough princess. If you want a strong name for your baby girl, this name might be perfect for you.


The name Mette is getting popular nowadays because this name belongs to the Crown Princess of Norway. This name is pronounced as “ME-TE” and if you want your princess to follow the footsteps of the Crown Princess, this is perfect for her. 


Norwegians pronounce this name as “vie-O-lə” and this name means “see”. 


The name Astrid is pronounced as “AS-TI-RID” and this name represents a sweet and sophisticated girl which is perfect for your little princess. 

Well, there you go! These names are the female names in Norway since 1960, probably. Instead of searching some cute Greek names for a baby girl, Norwegian names are also amazing, isn’t it?

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