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4 Cool and Pretty Pregnancy Planner with a Water Color Design

When you are pregnant and waiting for the big to come, you make all the possible things to make yourself busy. This busy season is preparing for the baby must-haves and readying your body for the successful delivery of your baby. Some pregnant women are also organized to the point of listing all their to-do-lists to remember every important thing. You can also do this to organize your own planner. During your free time, you can also do your own pretty pregnancy planner with a watercolor design.

If you don’t have any talent for making your own planner, this article will help you where to buy a pretty pregnancy planner with a watercolor design to keep track of all your important notes and important pregnancy reminders. This is very helpful and it enables you to never forget the things that are important.

Pretty pregnancy planner

Want to make a list and reminder for your pregnancy? Check on these pretty pregnancy planners with the watercolor design we have prepared for you. 

1. bloom daily planners New Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year Calendar Planner & Keepsake Journal with Stickers – Hardcover Scrapbook Memory Book Organized – Undated – 8″ x 10″ – Planning for Joy by bloom daily planners 

For pregnant moms like you, you better get this pretty bloom, daily planners New Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year Calendar Planner for this is more than just a colored planner, it will also serve as your daily journal towards motherhood. This pretty pregnancy planner is also nice for it has an attractive watercolor design inside and out. This will also be your guidebook for all the possible things you have discovered about pregnancy or even if you have given birth.

This planner will also serve as your medical journal, to make a list of your medicines or even schedules on when to take it. A journal or a scrapbook about your entire pregnancy and until your baby’s first birthday. The goal of this planner is to keep you organized despite your busy schedule. You will never forget everything as this planner will keep you informed and calm all the time because you are confident enough that you have done all the important things to do in the day. This planner is also designed with special elements about tips and advice from other experienced moms. Surely, you and your baby will treasure this one day. 

2. Erin Condren Designer Petite Planner Pregnancy Bundle – Includes Pregnancy Petite Planner and Illustrative and Functional Stickers by Erin Condren

Get this newest Erin Condren Designer Petite Planner Pregnancy Bundle for this is the recent addition to the collection. This pretty pregnancy planner is perfect for organizing all the important tasks on the go. This will address all the planning that you need for you and your baby. This will encourage you to list and track all the important agendas and notes. This PetitePlanner also has a Budget book, to make the budget proposal and take note of all the expenses you have. Also, it has a wellness log to remind you in terms of all the healthy habits you need to follow, whether you are pregnant or not, or breastfeeding.

It also comes with the Meal planner, to keep track of your diet. This is a pregnancy journal, for you to make a list of important happenings in your entire pregnancy. This is important because when you happen to visit your doctor, you can tell them what happened because you made a list. Also, it comes with a pregnancy tracker, to keep track of the development of your baby inside your tummy. And it also has a goal-setting journal, to make an important list of your aspiration. Each of the planners includes a metallic sticker sheet to improve planning and marking down the schedules. This color comes with a lot of colors as it brings joy to your pregnancy plan. You can also be creative because you can design it yourself. 

3. Expecting You – A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal by Amelia Riedler

This Expecting You- A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal is a kind of pretty pregnancy planner with watercolor designs that will encourage you to record all the amazing new thoughts, experiences, and feelings while you are expecting your little angel. You can carry this planner or journal with you anywhere you go or when you take a moment to have time and record the thing that matters to you most. You can keep this planner yourself and you can also share experiences with your loved one or other women who are expecting a baby as well. Also, you can tell your story to your little one when they arrive. This planner comes with a perfect size that is very cute and very modern. The inside is laid out and the prompts are just perfect. This is highly recommended for women who love to write different life experiences. 

4. Pregnancy Planner: Mom Watercolor Pink Cover 7×10″ Pregnancy Health Record Keeper, Childbirth – Log Book Week By Week / Organizer / Calendar, Gifts For Mother (Pregnancy and Baby Planner) by Helen S Jonah

This Pregnancy Planner: Mom Watercolor Pink Cover is just like any other pregnancy planners out there. This planner will help you check our pregnancy aside from your doctor. You can record your appointment schedules and record your daily symptoms when you happen to observe it. This will be the best planner for you and your baby. It also has a beautiful cover that is designed with pink watercolor. 


Keeping track of your important everyday to-do-list is very essential if you are pregnant. This will help you remember everything and will be less likely to skip some of the important things to do. This will always serve as your companion and it is a very big help especially to those women who are just a newbie into the pregnancy world. You can share ideas and find a solution to the problems. You can tell all your experiences which may help them as well. With the different pretty pregnancy planner for pregnancy with watercolor designs, you now have an idea of what to look for a planner. You can also design it if you have spare time or just bored. Try it, and you’ll see it’s a big help. 

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