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5 Signs You’re Doing Good as a Mom

5 Signs You’re Doing Good as a Mom

Parenting is one of the most challenging roles a person can have in his or her lifetime. Raising kids is never easy. It involves so many overwhelming challenges that test parents’ patience and love. Parents strive not just to be practically parents but become good parents. Moms, in particular, are trying their best in their role as a mom and homemaker. It is never an easy task and there is no salary involved, it is only motivated by love. 

Every person is different and sometimes how we deal with things is also different. Moms are not exempted. Moms are different kinds of women who have entered the role of motherhood. So we cannot expect that moms react to the same things or do the same things. But one thing we are sure of, they are doing it with love for their children. 

Moms are real-life heroes. They are the ones that we love so dearly. Although they may wonder if they have done well as a mother, their kids will usually think that they have done more than enough to be a good mom.

To help mothers have a good feeling about themselves and to help them make progress on things that they need to, here are 5 signs you’re doing good as a mom. These signs are not all, there are many ways you can prove that you’re the best mom! But these are top signs of a good mother.

5 signs you’re doing good as a mom:

1. You know your priorities

A good mom knows her priorities. She is someone who doesn’t easily get distracted on other things that do not concern her or do not concern her taking care of her children. Her priorities involved her children, the house and her husband. Sometimes, she even neglects her wants and needs because she wants to put first her kids. 

When there are invites or temptations of spending a nice time but leaving her kids alone, she will definitely reject the offer. When she got distracted with a television show, she will definitely turn it down and get back on her work and duties. When she wants something in the groceries, but on second thought she let it pass because she realized diapers are more needed. Good moms know her priorities to the extent of sometimes sacrificing her wants. 

2. She lives a simple life

One of the signs you’re doing good as a mom is when you realized that being simple is the key to happiness in the family. When you were a teenager or an adult, you always think about how good you should look or how expensive your dress and shoes should be. But when you become a mom, simplicity is the key to being happy. You realized that you don’t have to have it all. You learn how to say “No” to expensive clothes and you are contented with simple clothes now as long as your kids are eating and sleeping well. 

Good moms also don’t mind staying at home most of the time. Gone are the days when you always party on the weekend. You now love spending quality time with your young ones at home. Most days you know you don’t look your best and you are okay with it. You love the simple life you have now.

 3. She knows how to support and give encouragement

Good mothers always want the best for their kids. One of the many signs you’re doing good as a mom is when you know when yo cheer, uplift and support your children, and you do it immediately. You spend time to attend to their performances, you give them hugs, and you are concern about them. You immediately detect when your kids are down and you are ready to give encouragement. 

Good moms are the best supporters. They are the staged-moms and the behind-the-scene actor of the accomplishments that children make. They are effective cheerers because they know their kids so much and they know their capabilities. Children love it when their moms encourage them. 

4. She knows how to laugh

Even with a busy and stressing activities every day, good moms have still the humor in little things. They know how to laugh when their toddler spilled milk accidentally but with a cute and shock face. Good moms don’t take all things too seriously. They know that being upset all the time and crying will just give them a headache. 

One of the signs you’re doing good as a mom is when you know when to laugh at things even when it is not doing the way you want it to be. You love the humor on things and knows how to enjoy when times are fun. You are not a kill-joy mom. Instead, you love laughing with your kids. 

5. She knows she is not perfect and it is alright

One of the signs you’re doing good as a mom is that you are fully aware that your capacity is limited. You know so well that just like everybody else, you are not perfect, you make mistakes and you will continue to make mistakes. But despite that, she fully accepts who she is, she is learning from her mistakes and she tries to do better next time. 

When she makes mistakes, she may be at times frustrated but it never gets the best of her. She is calm and she is well-mannered. She is not pressured to do all things all at once perfectly, she is taking things at her own pace. 

The list of things above is just a few of the things that define a good mom or how to be a good mom. But it is not limited to the list, there are so many things that define a good mom and moms can learn to become one. May this article help you to become the mom you wanted to be. 

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