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Hygiene for Expecting Moms – How to Deal with Bad Breath During Pregnancy

You are pregnant and have brushed your teeth after waking up in the morning; and also doing the same after every meal. But still;do you feel that your breath is not as fresh as it used to be. Did you have bad breath and you are getting tired of covering it up with mouthwash and mint candies.

You are already feeling anxious about it and it had never happened before. Is it linked to your pregnancy? What are you supposed to do?

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Having a baby is a satisfying and exciting wait. Yet it is accompanied with not equally thrilling experiences. Many changes are taking place in your body as the baby in your womb grow and developed. Aside from morning sickness; there are mood swings and tiredness. There are days that you wake up feeling very low. Also; bad breath also occurs. It is embarrassing and worse it might be a sign or symptom of other diseases. How does it happen?

Here are some reasons that cause bad breath during pregnancy:

As the fetus in the womb developed; women’s hormonal levels rise and fall, turning the mouth into a breeding place for plaque that caused bad breath. Frequent eating and food cravings also arise during this period; leaving food particles in between the teeth, creating more plaque build-up, causing bad breath.

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Also, dehydration may occur that causes dry mouth. A dry mouth allows bacteria to multiply. Stomach acids and undigested food particles that are released during morning sickness add up to the problem. Once neglected; this may also lead to other oral diseases like gum swelling and bleeding.

Calcium deficiency weakens the teeth thus leading to tooth decay that causes bad breath. Some diseases like diabetes, kidney and lung problems; digestive disorders and throat infection increase the possibility of halitosis during pregnancy. Also; gas builds up in the stomach caused by slow digestion which can be relieved through burping. Sad to say; that burp also leads to bad breath.

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Do you have bad breath and don’t know it? It is quite common that many people are suffering from bad breath without even knowing it. During pregnancy; a woman is prone to it, especially when she observed the following indicators like – thick coating in the tongue; a plaque, dry and bitter taste in the mouth; and throat discomfort.

Once you have these symptoms: it is better to do some precautions before the situation worsens.

What can one do about it? The pregnant or not, clean and fresh breath starts from good oral hygiene.

And one of the primary ways to have it is to go and visit your dentist. Let the experts do some oral check-up. If you are planning to get pregnant; it is better to do your dental check-up and receive needed treatments ahead to avoid complications later.

Maintain good oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth should be done at least twice a day. Choose a toothbrush with fine soft bristles that don’t harm the gums. Adding baking soda or salt on your toothpaste can help in eliminating bacteria and neutralizing acids in the mouth. It helps to floss daily.

A soft scraper can also be used to clean the tongue of any coating. It is better to brush it too. Rinsing the mouth with fresh lemon juice and salt water can also eliminate bad odor. Morning sickness emits an acid that can erode teeth enamel. The mouth can be clean by rinsing it with a generous amount of water.

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It is better to remove food and drinks that cause bad breath during pregnancy on your diet. Spicy food like chilis, onions, and garlic leave a pungent odor in the mouth. Avoid sweets and sugary drinks. To some; even teas and coffees cause breath to smell. Wash your mouth with plenty of water after eating or drinking these if you can’t brush your teeth right away.

Shun away from bad eating habits. You can prepare a list of food and drinks that cause bad breath in you and try to avoid consuming them. It is better to eat a well-balanced diet containing fresh fruits and vegetables. Include calcium in your diet. A good amount of calcium is needed by pregnant mothers to support her bones and teeth. It also aids in the development of the baby in her womb. Calcium deficiency destroys the teeth that lead to dental caries.

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Drinking lots of water prevents dehydration and rinse off bacteria that causes bad breath. It also lessens dryness in the mouth. Prevent dry mouth by chewing sugar-free gum as it enhances the production of saliva.

Mothers to be should take note of these points as their guide during pregnancy. Bad breath during pregnancy is common because of poor proper hygiene of the mother. If dental treatment is urgent, it is important to have it done.

It is wrong to believe that some oral treatment can harm the fetus. Instead; A healthy mouth lessens the danger of premature birth and low birth weight.

As a mother waits for the arrival of her little bundle of joy, she is often busy preparing everything for her child – from diapers to clothes and cribs and socks and mittens. But, it is important that the mother’s whole being is also prepared for that special day. A healthy and relaxed body, a joyful spirit and a positive attitude. The mother-to-be must be given all the comfort she needs and the care she deserves. A happy mommy will surely bear a happy baby.

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