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12 Cool and Swag Video Game-Inspired Names for Your Little Boys

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Celebrity-inspired names, television and commercial-inspired names, film-inspired, and literary-inspired names became influential to parents of the 20th and 21st century. Meanwhile, next-generation parents mostly spend their time on video games and it’s undeniable that gamers praise the most powerful video game characters.

Video games are once an edging hobby. Teens prefer arcades more and bowling alleys but now, video games become really famous among everyone including parents that lead them to choose some gaming names for boys and girls. A mother or a father who is a gamer may have a gamer names list or a cool gaming names list to choose from and give their babies. Video game names for boys and girls inspired by obviously, a lot of video games in the 20th and 21st century can be a unique origin for your little one’s name. A best game character names list may have the best video game names for boys and girls so we made one for you.

Video game-inspired names list

Here are video game names for boys from recent famous video games like League of Legends, Diablo franchise, Resident Evil, Blood Rayne, and Final Fantasy.


The name Cortezis a Spanish name, a former surname, that means “courteous”. Cortez is the name of the protagonist of the game, Timesplitters series. He is a very witty character who is a time-traveler.


The name Jacob also belongs to the character from Halo, Captain Jacob Keyes who is a wise tactician. He is capable, intelligent, and strong especially when there is a disaster. Jacob is also an awesome, classic, and handsome name for boys.



Jace is the name of the protagonist from Jace Bellarine of Magic: the Gathering. He has telepathic powers and a wise one. Jace is also one of the names of the character from the League of Legends.


Miles is one of the gender-neutral character names that can be chosen for your little boy or girl. Miles is a character name from Sonic the Hedgehog and is the English name for Milo. The name Milo means “soldier” or “merciful”.


Dante may be an Italian name from an Italian poet but he is also the name of a character from Devil May Cry. He is a character who is one-liner loving, demon hunting, and ridiculous.


Ryu is considered as one of the cool, short gaming names and is one of the characters of the longest-running video game series, Street Fighter. Ryu has the signature move “Hadouken” which became iconic to Street Fighter lovers. He is a martial arts master that appears in almost every game.


Another famous name among the video game names for boys is the name Raiden. This is the name of the thunder god and the protector of the earth in the Mortal Kombat video game series. Raiden is also the name of a ninja from the Metal Gear Solid video game series which is inspired by the Japanese thunder god, Raijin.


Tidus is one of the famous Final Fantasy boy names for he is the protagonist of Final Fantasy 10. Tidus became famous for his Blitzball, sword-fighting skills, and grating laughter.


Tyrion can be one of the geek baby names for he is the imp from Game of Thrones. He entered the video game world which is based on the famous fantasy series.


Names for gamer parents won’t be complete without the name Geralt. Geralt is the main character from The Witcher series. In this game, the human Witcher, Geralt battles with a lot of human monsters rather than those fantasy ones.


Of course, the list of the video game names for boys won’t also be complete without the name, Mario. Mario is the most famous Italian-American plumber that has been Nintendo’s mascot since the year 1980s.


Gordon Freeman is the famous protagonist of the Half-Life series. He is a mysterious man but one of the greatest single-player shooters among video games. He also transforms into a baddie to save the world after a portal opened that let the monsters enter.

Final note

If you want to pay tribute to it, feel free to do so. Who knows? Your little boy might be a gamer like you!

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