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8 Edgy Unusual and Antique Baby Names for Your Little Boy or Girl

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Picking the perfect name for your baby may be one of the hardest things to do. You might be stuck in the dilemma of choosing the most beautiful name for your little one because obviously, there are a lot of beautiful names! One of these beautiful names for baby girls and baby boys are those unusual and antique baby names and we can’t help but be jealous of some parents who gave these names to their babies first.  

There are a lot and thousand names to choose from that came from different inspirations like those spring names for babies, names that came from different countries, cities-inspired names if you love traveling or those names that are video games-inspired. Surf through the internet and you’ll surely see a lot of names! However, there are still parents who want to stick with those unusual and antique baby names because these names tend to be ignored for modern names are becoming more popular in recent years. 

Antique baby names list

If you are looking for an unusual and antique name for your baby girl or baby boy, we have it for you! These names have a solid vintage charm that is also cute and classical for you and your baby. Back on the days that his or her great-grandmother and great-grandfather are dating, these names can deliver that classical feel for you. 


Alonzo is a Spanish boy name with Italian origin that means “noble” and “ready”. The name Alonzo is popular since the 1880s which has the nickname, Lon. It can also be spelled as Alonso which is the real name of Don Quixote. 


Abner is a Hebrew name that means “father of light”. It was the name of the commander of Saul’s army in the Bible which appeared two times. The name Abner is often used in the 1990s. Abner was also used in the works of James Fenimore Cooper, Eugene O’Neill, and Thomas Hardy. 


Hamish is a Scottish name that is pronounced as “hay-mish”. It is a handsome name for your little boy that is also popular in Scotland and England. This name can surely make your child stand out among his friends.


The name Beatrix is a Latin name that is considered gorgeous and unique among baby girls. This name means “blessed” or “happy”. In the Middle Ages, this name was revived in England that was spelled as Beatrice. One of the famous namesakes is the late British author and illustrator that created the Peter Rabbit tales, Beatrix Potter. 


Another unusual and antique baby name is the name, Lucinda. This is a feminine name of Latin origin that is similar to the gorgeous name, Lucia. The name Lucinda means “light” that depicts grace and elegance among girls. Cindy, Cinda, and Luci are some of the nicknames that you can use for this name. 


Avis is a German girl name that means “desired”. It was first introduced to England in the Middle Ages and it was also the Latin word for “bird”. The name Avis is pronounced as “ay-vis” which is perfect for an independent and strong-willed girl. Are you a Harry Potter buff? Well, you’ll probably know Avis as a spell. 


Gideon is a Hebrew name for boys that means “hewer” or “having a stump for a hand”.  Gideon was once an Old Testament name that is a famous alternative for Biblical names like Benjamin and Jacob. In the Bible, Gideon was called by God to rescue the Jews from the Midianites. Gideon was also a popular character in Criminal Minds and Harry Potter. 


Benedict is a famous Latin name for boys that was derived from the name Benedictus that means “blessed”. The name Benedict isn’t one of the common names you can hear every day so you can go for it. Famous namesakes include the English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Take away

These unusual and antique baby names are just of those thousands of old-fashioned names that can be perfect for your little one. If you really want your baby girl or boy to stand out among others, these names can be a wise choice for you. These names can give a classical vibe that is not really common in this generation. 

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