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32 Strength Names for Baby Girls

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Picking the perfect name for the arrival of your baby is not an easy task. There can be lots of factors that are needed to put in mind to come up with a name that will last a lifetime. Parents want a name that is adorable and unique enough to not be shared with many in their little one’s preschool class. At the same time, they want something which is articulately spelled, classic, recognizable and most especially something that has an inspiring meaning. Nowadays, parents opt to name their baby girls with powerful, strong, and bold meanings. As strength-filled baby names are on the rise, you surely want to be one with the trend to raise your little girl to be an independent, confident, fearless, and strong-willed individual. Starting with a birth name is a great way to bestow these great qualities. You can look for inspiration from those powerful movie characters, political figures, winning athletes, and Greek gods and goddesses. You can also include Norse and Viking folklore as your reference for strength names for baby girls.

Whether it is a baby girl name that merely means strength or something which is associated with famous iconic figures on different fields, the names listed below are the seamless combinations of strong, classic, old-fashioned, eclectic, and contemporary qualities that will perfectly suit your baby girl. Check these strength names for baby girls by further reading this post.


The name means strong and has a French origin.


It means strong, honorable, and virtuous. The feminine variation of the name Brian as well.


The name has native American origin and also means strong.


This name means battle, might, and power and of German origin.


The name is not just Wonder Woman’s real identity, it also means divine. This will be a cool choice for parents who want both a strong and classic name for their baby girl.


Provide your little girl a name that boosts power yet with a feminine touch. It is especially gorgeous when you pop out at the mid-week of February.


Don’t mistake it with Karen. The name is of Hebrew origin that means strength and power.


This one’s sound sweet but don’t be deceived as this name shouts strength for having the meaning “who is like God”. Your little girl will also share this name with powerhouses such as Michelle Obama, Michelle Kwan, and Michelle Williams.


This name has Latin roots and means strong and brave.


The name means strength or exalted one. It is also the Anglicised variation of the name Brighid. Famous movie character Bridget Jones made the name popular. 


This timeless name that means strong, industrious, and hardworking can be shared with the first-ever game-changer female pilot, Amelia Earhart.


The name means noble strength. It also connotes the elegant and classic glamour of the iconic Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn.


Sounds familiar for Maleficent right, but they are way different. It means strong at work and has an adorable shortened version which is Millie.


Share this compelling old school name with Bat Girl Barbara Gordon which is amusingly unpopular during the 2010s.


This is a classic Greek name for girls with the meaning of a lover of strength. It became popular after the 2013 movie Philomena hit the big screens.


This name means universal strength and has German roots.


It means powerful lotus and of Indian origin. Share this name with American rockstar senator Kamala Harris!


This name means to battle and mighty, the French variation of the name Matilda.


The name has German roots and means graceful battle maiden.


Go get this strong name alongside tennis winner Serena Williams. The name means exalted, clear, and calm.


Giving this name to your little one will be a sole reminder that she got the furious strength of the king of the jungle – the lion.


The name means strong, warlike and martial and has Italian origin.


This name means companion which undeniably has a punchy and sturdy sound that orders attention. You can share it with the fearless US Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


This Hebrew name means powerful and noble. If you are fond of the sound of Ariana and Ava but prefer to have something less famous then this is the perfect name.


This name means warrior and has Italian origin.


This name solely means strength, and if you are a Game of Thrones fanatic then Brienne of Tarth will surely ring a bell.


A name with German roots and means strong spear.


The name means keeper of the key and pure. It came from English origin.


A name with Spanish descent that means brave and strong.


This name means defender of mankind. Powerful enough right?


Choose a modern and chic vibe that has a powerful meaning – resolute protector. The name is also the feminine variation of William.


The name means victory and a shortened form of Colette. Share this stunning girl name with the A-list fashion designer icon Coco Chanel.

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