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A Guide for Mommies on the go: 13 Essential Tips for a Comfortable Breastfeeding in Public

A breastfeeding mother’s primary concern is to provide her baby anything that he or she needs when mealtime comes. It can be anywhere, even in public places. Your baby can’t choose when he will get hungry.

Althoughbreastfeeding in public is generally accepted, there are people who believe that it is offensive. They felt offended when they see bare breasts and nipples in public places. Those looks and glances can make you feel not comfortable breastfeeding in public. And that will make your baby feel uncomfortable too. This can result in an unsatisfying mealtime.  But there are effective ways for mothers to make breastfeeding in public less of a hassle. How can it be done? Here are 13 essential tips for comfortable breastfeeding in public.

Choose clothes that are suitable for breastfeeding.

There are clothing designs that provide easy access when it is breastfeeding time. Opt for button-down shirts, low necklines, and tank tops. Breastfeeding clothes will not only be the foundation of a happy mealtime for babies, but it can also give mothers the ease and comfort of breastfeeding even in public.  You don’t have to change the whole closet contents, there are existing dresses that can also do the tricks. What more exciting is that there are also stylish breastfeeding apparel that can still be used even when you have stopped breastfeeding.

Avoid unnecessary accessories, tight-fitting clothes, and over-alls. These are not suited for breastfeeding. It will only make the breastfeeding process harder.

Invest in good nursing brassieres.

You can’t breastfeed comfortably without a nursing bra. This can make the process easier. Ordinary brassieres can cause you to flip and pull in times of needs, causing it to worn out easily. Nursing bras have the right flaps and panels, hooks and clips that make breastfeeding easier.  It is also made from special fabrics that can provide comfort and better support even during non-feeding times.

Use a breastfeeding cover.

Learn how to breastfeed in public with covers like small blankets, large scarfs, and shawls. This provide the much-needed privacy and the baby will not be distracted with what is happening in his surrounding. You can just put it in your bag or tie it beautifully in you as an accessory. It can easily transform into a cover when the baby is hungry. 

Be sure that the baby is not suffocated when you use breastfeeding cover. Check to make sure that he is still well-ventilated and can move with ease and comfort.

Use a sling.

A breastfeeding sling will not only provide coverage, learning how to use it right can provide comfort while breastfeeding. 

Use a nursing pillow.

Nursing pillow can make breastfeeding at home easier. Why not bring an extra pillow when you go out? Travel nursing pillows are handy and can be easily carried on your car, on flights and even on your bags.

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Learn to locate suitable breastfeeding areas.

Since breastfeeding is an intimate affair between mothers and babies, it is better done in places with lesser people. This can be a corner in a restaurant or a room, a shadowy bench in parks. Wherever you are you can find a little secluded or isolated area to do ‘the thing.’ 

Avoid nursing in toilets or comfort rooms.

That is definitely not a place to eat. If we grown-ups cannot eat in the not so clean and unpleasant space, why let our baby fed on it? You can look for lounge, bench or hallways, but definitely not the toilet seat.

Control the leakage.

Wet clothes in the breast area can be humiliating. Better be prepared. Use nursing pads when going out. Bring extras if necessary.

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Know your right. (And your child’s too).

Breastfeeding in public is legal. They just can’t ask you to leave or cover up when breastfeeding. Bear in mind that the baby’s welfare is the top priority. As a mother, it is your duty and your right to feed your baby if he is hungry and it is your child’s right to be fed and provided with what he needs. Breastfeed with confidence with necessary self-protection too.

Some establishments provide special services for breastfeeding mothers like secluded areas, lounge chairs, and airconditioned room while breastfeeding. Take advantage of it.

Be prepared.

Always check that everything that you may need in breastfeeding in public are always ready. You can put it in the bag that you can just carry when you need to go out with the baby. It can also include water bottles, burp pads, nursing pads, diapers and even extra tops for you.

Always remember, it is not only the baby who needs to be taken care of. Mothers should also take good care of their selves to provide nutrients for their babies. Carry bottled water or other drinks to stay hydrated. Bring snacks, sandwiches or biscuits or fruits when you go out. You might get hungry to so better stock on something for your self. Remember that you need a lot of energy not just to feed but to take care of your baby too.

Don’t take up too much space.

You are in a public place, that is not solely for you. You may have a large bag and assorted items that you carry around. Don’t occupy adjacent tables in restaurants or nearby park benches. Keep your things neat and organize as much as possible. You don’t have to put out everything.

Keep your baby focused.

Infants are easier to breastfeed than those who are aged 8 months onwards. Younger babies just need to suck and they will fall asleep afterward. Older babies are easily distracted. Learn tricks to keep their attention to breastfeeding.


You can receive unapproving looks, observant glances, and even negative comments. Always ready your smile. It will definitely work. Avoid frowning and sharp words that may only lead to discussions. Think that you are feeding your baby, you are providing him with the nourishments that he needs and there is definitely nothing wrong about it. Don’t be rude. Be polite and maintain your composure.

Final recap

Mothers are granted by law to breastfeed their child in public. It can be offensive and uncomfortable to some but there are tips for breastfeeding on the go. Parents can adjust to the situation with these 13 essential tips for comfortable breastfeeding in public.  Remember, your baby needs your nourishment and they should always be fed on time, even outside the home.

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