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11 Popular July Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Are you expecting to give birth in July? Since you have now the idea of your due date, you would probably be challenged in searching for the perfect July baby names for your little boy or little girl. In the United States, Independence Day is being celebrated every 4th of July, and this kind of celebration must be a perfect inspiration for you in choosing the best July baby name for your coming little angel. You will be inspired by independence and freedom and all the heroic attitude.

Moreover, July is also a perfect definition of summer, most families would go on picnics, swim at the beach or play field games. If you are welcoming your little angel in the month of July and currently busy searching for the best July baby names or summer baby names better check on this article for a lot of July baby name options for the little angel. 

July name options

Looking for the best and amazing July baby name for your July baby? Check on these top pick July baby names we have compiled for you, with its very beautiful meaning.

1. Julius

This is a common name across the countries. If you are expecting a baby boy and your due date is in July, then Julius could be one of the choices to name your coming baby boy. This name is distinguished as a Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. This name is beginning to show signs of a comeback and revival. This name can also be called as Julio as a nickname. This name shows masculinity and strength and this would be perfect for your little boy. 

2. Julian

A perfect July baby name for your little girl. This name has been a top picky since the 21st century. It has been known because of Julian Assange of Wikileaks. This name is now at the 53rd spot and has been the top 20 in most countries in Europe. This name can be heard for little girls and has been famous up to date and was being used, famous actresses. 

3. Taylor 

Do you know about a celebrity named Taylor Kinney? He was born on July 15 and he is a rage among the celebrity stalkers. He is an actor in the US and also a model who is best known as a star of The Vampire Diaries Series who plays the role of Mason. Taylor is considered to be an English occupational name and remains in the 83rd spot on the popularity list all over the world. 

4. Leo

The Zodiac Sign Leo starts its date on July 23 and if your baby will be born on this date onwards, you can name him after this strong and passionate zodiac sign. This is one of the most sought about July baby names as this name has a lot of elements that attract many parents. This kind of three-letter word, Zodiac reference mostly appeals to new and fresh ages. Many associations suggest the strength of this character and the letter O, as the last letter gives more energy to it. This is very easy to spell name and easy to pronounce, just perfect for your baby boy. 

5. Aiden

This is a kind of Gaelic name which means “little fire”. Since July is summertime in the States, and the name’s meaning will be perfect for a summer-born baby name. This name is applicable for both boys and girls and this name has a very spectacular story of success. This name was featured and appeared in the top 10 picks in the year 2010 and maintained its spot until the year 2013. Its Irish spelling is Aidan but Aiden is more popular. 

6. Lark 

Lark is an example of July baby names for boys and its girl version is Lily. Wonder why it is one of the July names? Larkspur is one of the two birth flowers that are famous in July. But you must be sensitive enough if you plan on naming your baby with Larkspur because he might be the subject of ridicule in school. So, you can shorten it to Lark. Lark is also the name of a bird, and to be honest, it sounds more amazing than Robin or Sparrow.  

7. Carl

Well, we always hear this name. And we can’t deny the fact because of its popularity, many parents would name their coming little boy with Carl. Carl is one of the famous American athletes who won 9 gold medals for track and field events. Carl was born on July 1, 1961, and because of his fame, many parents name their baby boy with Carl. This name is very easy to pronounce and easy to spell. 

8. Juliet 

Are you familiar with William Shakespeare? If you are, then you probably know his very famous novel, the “Romeo and Juliet”. People around the world know the love story of Romeo and Juliet, that is why many parents name their baby girl with Juliet. It’s a very amazing name and it’s so feminine. Juliet is one of the romantic baby girl names because of her story. In French variation, it is spelled as Julliette but you can pronounce it in the same manner. 

9. Ruby

We all know that Ruby is the birthstone for July. This name would make a fitting name for your precious baby girl. Since Ruby is a precious stone, your daughter would most likely be your precious stone as well. Ruby has outnumbered the other gems because of its resume of cultural references. Ruby’s name has classic rock support with the Rolling Stones, ‘Ruby Tuesday’. Many parents love this name because it is valuable. 

10. Lily 

Lily is known as a famous flower that blooms most probably in the month of July. This July baby name for girls has been a very popular choice of floral names for centuries because of its lovely attributes. When you utter this name, it may sound very feminine and beautiful, surely just like a flower. It denotes cool elegance and this name has a meaning of innocence and purity. This name is going to be very perfect for your little woman because we all know that a woman is like a lovely flower and Lily is one of the lovely flowers out there. 

11. America

If you are an American citizen, you want to commemorate your country’s birth. This name is one of the clever patriotic names. During colonial times, this name was given to children of both genders. But nowadays, this name is mainly used for girls. You can also make it short for girls like Merica or Amy. However, it is still named for boys because of the famous Marvel hero, Captain America. This fictional hero has touched the lives of every American people because he embodies the goodness of a legit American Hero.


Choosing a beautiful name for your child can be a hard task to do as a parent. But you know it’s fun and excites you in a way because you know that a little angel is coming. With the different July baby names, you now have many ideas of names if you are expecting a July baby. Sometimes, you need to consider the month that you will give birth to your little one. It’s easier that way. July baby names inspire many parents because it encompasses freedom and independence. Just remember that giving beautiful names to your little one must also relate to beautiful and desirable deeds and attitudes. Raise your child to be a person that you want them to be. Teach them moral values and let them learn how to treat others fairly. 

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