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10 Fanciful and Classical Operatic Baby Names for Your Little One

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A lot of people dream of seeing their name in lights or their name being called as one of the actors on stage. How about having a name that already shined on stage? Well, opera provides a lot of inspiration to names, from common names to the most classical sound. Famous female opera characters or male characters are really famous, especially for fans.

Famous opera names are being popular for some names lists for a baby. Parents love playing with their babies’ names and choose the most unique name that they can to give their little ones. Some parents even search for different names like names that go with the month they are born, October baby names or even inspired by their favorite colors. Some babies are also given names meaning flight, sporty names, astronomy baby names or boy names meaning prince but nothing can be compared to those operatic baby names. 

If you want your little one to have a name that belongs to the list of classical names, operatic baby names can give you those. Well, you don’t really have to be a fan of opera music to be able to choose a classic moniker for your little prince or princess. The names from different operas are really appealing because it came from different interesting mixes of languages all over the world which are also inspired by great opera heroines, Medieval princes’ names, and tragic operas. There are some operatic baby names like French female operatic names, Italian opera names as well as German and Russian characters. Want to know the names of those operatic characters to inspire you? Keep reading!

Operatic baby names for your little one

The opera is a wonderful art because it includes a lot of elements from the theatre. It has acting, scenery, dance, and costumes. If you are a fan of opera, you can surely relate to this. Operatic baby names are inspired by some characters in different operas and their great authors. There are a lot of operatic baby names from lead characters like Aida, Carmen, Martha, Mireille, and Genoveva. These names are just a few so let’s go to it and pick your favorite name for your beloved little one from the list!

1. Aida

Aida is a melodic name and this girl name belongs to one of the 1871 Verdi opera characters. It is an Arabic name with an Italian origin that means “happy”. Aida is an enslaved Ethiopian princess from the Verdi opera who died to save her people. The name Aida was rarely used by the Italian community in the past but as time passed by, the name Aida has been loved by the Latino community. 

2. Bello 

Fair skin, well-built body, good posture, and dazzling smile-a prince. Yes, your little one is a prince that turns other people’s head whenever he passes by. Bello is the masculine version of the name Bella. The name Bello is an Italian name which means “handsome, beautiful” that can be perfect for your handsome prince. However, this name is rarely used outside the Latino community. The name Bello has an upbeat ending sound that can be exported to other countries. 

3. Benoit

The name Benoit is the French version of the name of a Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold. However, this name delivers confusing pronunciations to a lot of parents that made them avoid using this name. If you are curious about its pronunciation, it’s “ben-WAH”. It’s easy, right? On the other hand, the name Benoit has French origin that means “blessed”, perfect for your little boy who is surely a blessing.

4. Boris

The name Boris may sound like a boy name but in recent times, it has become a gender-neutral name. This name is one of the old Russian names that has been revived by a lot of Europeans. Boris hasn’t become popular in the United States yet but it always has the potential. Do you want to try this unique name? Don’t hesitate because your child won’t have any classmates with the same name. 

5. Bianca

The name Bianca is a name for your little baby girl which is a more energetic, Italian and Shakespearean version of the name Blanche, also one of the common names in Shakespeare’s time. This name is really popular especially to many American parents since the year 1990s just as how it’s popular with Spanish-speaking countries. The name Biance has an Italian origin which means “white”. A character of Disney 1977, known as Miss Bianca bears this name and she was voiced by Eva Gabor. This name was also used in two Shakespeare plays, Othello and The Taming of the Shrew. 

6. Giovanni

The name Giovanni is a masculine name which is the Italian version of the name John. This name means “God is gracious” and is really popular in the Italian community. The name Giovannie is a respected Italian classical name that adapted a fresh and cool sound. It became famous because of the writer Boccaccio to the popular designer Versace.

7. Gunther

Gunther is a strong name for a boy that has a German origin meaning “battle warrior”. The name Gunther has a Scandinavian name, Gunnar that is recently getting its popularity among parents. Famous namesakes are the German novelist Gunter Grass and the character of the well-known and well-praised German poem, Die Nibelungenlied. This poem became a basis for Richarch Wagner’s Ring cycle of operas.

8. Carmen

The name Carmen is a beautiful female name that means “garden”. This name is also the Spanish variation of the name Carmel. The name Carmen can also be used for boys especially at the Latin community but it became popular for girls because it has been connected with the tragic heroine of Bizet’s opera based on a novel by Prosper Merimee which is called “to mind two other bombshells” namely Carmen Miranda and Carmen Electra. The name Carmen also belongs to the character on The L World, Carmen de la Pica Morales. 

9. Lucia

The name Lucia is the Italian version of the name Lucius that means “light” and this name can also be a variation of the name Lucy. This name is somehow a name given to baby girls born at day but it is also connected to opera. The tragic opera has this name, Lucia di Lammermoor produced by Gaetano Donizetti. On the other hand, one of the namesakes is Santa Lucia who was a martyr in the Middle Ages. 

10. Juliette

Who would forget about Romeo and Juliet, two of the most famous opera characters? If we are going to talk about the most tragic love story, this story really goes on the list. From being a novel to a movie to entering opera, this famous story also had a lot of adaptations from different countries. The name Juliette is a French variation of the name Juliet that means “youthful”. It the past yeas, this name has really become popular. 

These names can be few of those whimsical baby names perfect for opera lovers. Who would have known? Your baby might be one of those opera singers and actors that will shine on stage and I’m sure that you will be his number one fan. Good luck on your baby’s future career in opera!

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