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Unique and Vintage Names for Girls

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As goes a saying, what’s in a name? Well, we all know, there’s everything in a name. A little girl is born in the family and everyone is excited about the names. Wondering what will suit her best? Which name will sound the best? The girl is going to have it for a lifetime. The parents and the family must choose wisely when selecting a name for a baby girl. That is a name she has to carry for the rest of her life, and that should be the name which she will like and which others will like to call her. That would be a formal method of addressing a girl, and a nice name can also give a nice impression.

What kind of names should we choose from?

Vintage names! Of course, we all will cringe at the first thought of vintage names. They are designated as too old fashioned, and most often the parents of the baby will receive advice from other people against old fashioned vintage names. But these old fashion vintage names have a thing about them. After all, they have seen eras and are still preferred over modern names.

What is so special about vintage names?

Uniqueness: Vintage names are special because they are unique. Each name is different from another. Every name stands out of the crowd

Beauty: The most important thing is that vintage names are beautiful. They have a beautiful ring and tone to them. They sound sweet and powerful and delicate at the same time.

Meaning: Unlike modern names, vintage names are unique because they have meaning. Most modern names are inspired from other names, or pop stars or anything else. Vintage names come from the depths of the soul of some of the other languages like Latin, French, Greek, Russian, etc. And they almost always have a beautiful meaning attached to them.

So how would you not like a vintage, unique name for your baby girl? Naming your darling baby girl with a vintage name will have a significant effect on her life and her character. Most often, vintage names stand for some of the other attributes described by that word in a specific language. Thus, giving a vintage name would mean, that the child is named as the best beholder of the attribute. Names like Peace signify a trait directly, not necessarily through the child’s character matching with the name, but most often, they do affect the child’s life in some way.

Other ways to choose the perfect baby girl name for your baby, is to use a word which has held significance in the family history, or a word or trait or attribute, that is of utmost importance to the family, over the generations, or any other word can be used to name a baby, a word which is dear and near to the family.

Baby girls are always the sweetest, and so should be their names. After a good research, we have come up with a list of names for your baby girls. Below we will be looking at best and most beautiful vintage names, along with their meanings and historical significance. Where and when did the name origin, and what meaning does it hold and why. Everything behind a baby girl’s name that is going to make it worth your choice.

Names from ancient goddesses from various cultures across the world

Your daughter is the ruler of your world. Rest entire world is secondary. Let us look at a few names adopted from ancient goddesses of different cultures from around the globe.

1.Áine: Taken from Irish folklore, this is the name of the goddess of summer, love and wealth. She was the queen of fairies. And so will be your daughter.

2.Radha: This cool baby girl name is very old, coming from the Indian mainland, signifying the power and success. Sometimes, quoted in Indian scriptures as the mother of the universe, Radha will surely be the perfect name for your baby girl.

3.Theia: This sweet name comes from the Greek mythological character, Theia, the goddess of glitter and glory. She is also the goddess of sight.

4.Zaria: This beautiful name is adopted from the Slavic goddess of beauty. In Arabic, it means a flower.

5.Mielikki: The Finnish Goddess of Forest, whose name means pleasant, gives a nice tone to it. Sweet as it sounds, this name can really stand out as one of the most unique and vintage names for your daughter.

6.Jaya: Another one coming from the Indian culture, this goddess is the rider of a lion. She is the goddess of victory, and by all blessings, your daughter will have her traits. It has a nice melodic sound to it.

7.Damara: This cheerful name is an adoption from the Celtic Goddess. She signifies the springtime, fertility, abundance, and luck. The mere charm of this name makes it so attractive.

8.Zisa: Zisa was the German goddess of water and ships and the underground. The name dates back to the 11th century, making it sound divinely vintage and unique, at the same time.

9.Thalia: The Greek muse of poetry and comedy gives the name its sparkle. It means to hope and to flourish.

10.Arinna: The Middle East brings this name from the Hittite goddess of the sun.

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